New Summer Camp Week, Climbing Club, and Tiny Tots now open for registration!

Youth programs are a go! And there is a new additional week of summer camp added to our schedule!

Summer Camp for the week of August 17th-21st are single day camps. You can do one day or as many as you want! Camps are 9am to 2pm.

Click here to Enroll for Aug 17-21 Summer Camp Days

Climbing Club and Tiny Tots enrollment for Q1 is live on our website. Kids who sign up for Q1 have priority enrollment for each continuous quarter so you have first dibs to do our programs throughout the school year!

Click here for Climbing Club Enrollment

Click here for Tiny Tots Enrollment

BRC takes the health and safety of our community very seriously but also prioritizes your kids learning and having fun!  Visit our Youth Program COVID Procedures to learn more about what we are doing.

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Day Pass Reservations

Day passes are available ALL THE TIME!  If you are planning on climbing 4:30pm or later, Monday through Friday, you will need to make a reservation.

Good news!  Day pass reservations are now available on Weekends Only.

Visit to read all details on how to reserve a spot.


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Re-Opening Membership Specials

Re-Opening Membership Specials and NEW Online Membership Purchases!

We have extended our summer membership offerings to thank you for all you’ve done for us.  Not only do we have some amazing deals for you but we have also made it easier to become a member with online memberships sales.  Sign up online, we will have your membership set up and ready to go upon your next visit.


Choose one of these great offers:

Summer Special – $3 Months for $185

Buy a 6 Month Membership, Get 1 Month Free*

Buy a 12 Month Membership, Get 3 Months Free*


*Adult, Student/Military, and Youth Prices available.

(No initiation fees. No freezes or refunds for the summer special. Six month membership includes 1 month freeze, 12 month membership includes 3 month freeze. Visit our website for all membership benefits. Rentals not included.)


Want to see our other standard options?

Visit BRC’s Rates for all membership and punch card options.

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Eldo Walls Support Program

Want to support BRC? Are you building a home climbing wall to get you through the next couple months?

You can do both when you get supplies from this site:

Buy DIY panels, holds, and pads, and we get up to 30% of the order!

Our coupon code is “BRC“.

Thank you Eldo!

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Trango/Egrips/Tenaya Support Program

Looking to support our gym during the closure and score a good deal at the same time?  We’re excited to announce we’re partnering with the Trango/e-Grips/Tenaya retail support program, to provide our members with a discount on orders and the chance to support our retail shop at the same time. For every order placed using our code, Trango will support our gym with proceeds of the purchase!

How It Works

Visit or and place your items in the cart.

Use the discount code BOULDERROCKCLUB-SUPPORT (insert your code in place of red text) when ordering from, or place the code in the Customer Notes Field on

Trango will fill and ship the order directly to you.

Trango will provide us with proceeds, just like you bought directly from our shop!

Thank you to Trango for giving us this opportunity to support our local gyms!

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The BRC will be re-opening soon!

UPDATE 6/4/2020

It’s Happening!

That’s right, folks.  It’s happening!  We will be re-opening soon.  Very soon.

Expect some changes and new procedures, which is the way of the world now.  We will be offering reservation-only, member only climbing and weight room appointments.  Masks will be required at all times.  More details to come soon!

When we announce our re-opening date, we will re-institute everyone’s memberships.  Credit from our original closure will applied.

If you want to support us and our staff, the best way is to restart your membership and come climb.

You can also still DONATE YOUR MARCH CREDIT to help up even more.

We will send an email with all the details, post on Facebook and Instagram (follow us if you haven’t already), and, of course, at

We look forward to seeing your beautiful, masked faces climbing with us again soon.

UPDATE 4/27/2020

We just finished listening to Governor Jared Polis’s press conference about Safer at Home and were listening intently for specifics on climbing gyms and a possible re-opening date. As of now, we are ordered to stay closed; we will not re-open May 1st, and we do not have a new date or timeline based on the current information available.

The Governor urged the public to stay vigilant, stay at home whenever possible and suggested the state would cautiously re-open businesses in stages. Due to the very nature of a climbing gym and health clubs/workout facilities in general, close contact is inevitable. Social distancing is not entirely possible in our facility or any climbing gym. Our team is looking at all the requirements currently available for businesses to re-open and remain open. We are brainstorming with the Climbing Wall Association and will join fellow Front Range climbing gym owners/operators on a conference call this week to talk about re-opening procedures when that time comes. Please know when we are allowed to re-open, we will be very diligent about creating a safe environment for our members, guests and staff.

For more information about businesses re-opening, we suggest: Colorado Safer at Home

CLOSURE UPDATE 4/9/2020 and How Can You Help BRC?

Many of you have reached out wanting to know how you can help the BRC get through the closure and how you can help support our staff. ‘Donating your March Credit’  was a huge help. We now have other ways for you to contribute financially.  Since we voluntarily closed on March 15th,we have committed ourselves to continuing to pay all our staff for as long as possible.

Without knowing for certain, we are preparing ourselves for extended closure orders and the possibility of a soft re-opening. Who knows when we can have a packed gym, youth programs, climbing team or even a group belay class again. “Normal” may be a ways off.

If you have the financial means, maybe you can make a contribution to the BRC. We commit that we will use member contributions in the most responsible way we know how, to continue paying our employees. There are many options right now, but we feel trying to pay our staff 100% of their intended schedules is better for them than choosing unemployment plus the aid package for individuals.

We realize contributing financially is not an option for everyone and completely understand. We also know we might not be your contribution of choice during these difficult times. If choosing to financially contribute to us versus other entities, health care workers, first responders, low income sectors; please choose someone in greater need.

If you do choose to support us financially, there are several ways. Go ‘HERE To Contribute’ and you will see all the details. There are many options that can make an enormous, positive impact on our future success. Whether you pay monthly or purchase paid in full memberships, we have options for contributions.

How else can I support?

The absolute best way to support us is to keep us in your thoughts and join us when we re-open. We will be there for you.
If you have questions about your membership, you can email our general inbox You can make Membership Changes here. Remember, unless you need to make a change, we will automatically freeze your membership for the full closure time. Nothing else to do.

Thank you for considering. Be safe, stay healthy and keep fit!


As you know, we decided to close on Sunday, March 15th for the health of our employees, members, and the community as a whole. On Monday, March 16th the Governor ordered all gyms to close starting Tuesday, March 17th for at least 30 days. We will comply with that order by remaining closed until we are allowed to re-open AND we feel it is responsible for our members, employees and guests.

The BRC is spending this closure time planning for the re-opening and making sure we can continue to pay our employees that rely on us for financial stability. Many of us will fall on hard times and we feel it is our responsibility to ensure our employee’s economic health and well-being.

Be safe everyone, stay healthy, stay fit.

MEMBERSHIP INFO: About your Automatic Monthly Membership

We billed everyone on March 1st. We voluntarily closed on March 15th and initially told all members we would apply the prorated credit (17 days’ worth) on the April 1st billing. We will now, automatically, do that on our re-open date. Very detailed info about this at the bottom of the email. You will not be billed until we have an official re-open date.

We are now asking any member that has the financial means to ‘Donate your Credit’ to our employee financial fund. Your donation will go a very long way in making sure we can continue to support our employees. Many of our members have reached out to us proactively and have already donated! Thank you. Know that we have reached out to our vendors, landlord, managers, and owners to all pitch in. Many of our own employees have volunteered to forgo pay so that we can contribute to those that need it. This shows what an amazing group of people and community we have at the BRC.

If you can click this link to send an email to  ‘Donate your CreditIf you Donate, then we will simply charge your normal rates when we re-open.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and your 17 days’ worth of membership means everything to you right now, please reply to me directly(Kevin Bains). No one should go hungry or lose their shelter during this pandemic.

For everyone else, we will credit your account the 17 days when we re-open automatically. Nothing else to do.

BRC Billing Policies:
*We bill all members on the 1st of the month.
*Any member joining or renewing mid-month pays for the remaining days in the month (pro rate)
*If anyone joins on the 20th of the month or later, we collect the remainder of that month (pro rate) AND the next month.

Possible Billing Scenarios based on re-opening date:
-If we re-open with more than 17 days left in the month: we will apply your 17 day credit and bill you for the remaining days left in the month.
-If we re-open with less than 17 days left in the month: we will apply the 17 day credit, and then apply any remaining credit to the next billing date (next 1st of the month).
-If we re-open on the 20th or later(which is less than 17 days), will apply the 17 day credit to the remaining days left in the month (pro rate) and the 1st of the month billing

Paid in Full Memberships:
Your paid in full membership’s expiration date will automatically be adjusted to compensate for the full length of the closure. You will not lose any membership time. No need to do anything, we will adjust this automatically based on the re-open date.

We have a wonderful climbing community and hope we can welcome you all back soon. Stay safe, stay healthy, keep fit.

Kevin Bains

BRC UPDATE 3/14/2020 9:00pm

While we have communicated that we would stay open until it no longer seemed like the responsible thing to do or we were no longer allowed, the staff and managers have agreed: we feel it is no longer responsible to remain open. As difficult as this is for us, we must all do our part to stop the spread of the virus.

The Boulder Rock Club will be closed starting Sunday, March 15th through the remainder of March. This situation is fluid, and we will be ready to change those dates if the situation requires.


-Monthly members will receive pro-rated credit for the remainder of March applied to the April 1st billing. We will send detailed information before that billing cycle so everyone knows what to expect. No need to do anything, we got it.

-Paid in full members will have their memberships extended for the full duration of the closure. We will make this change automatically.

-We know there will be many special membership cases and we will deal with those on an individual basis to ensure we are taking care of our members.

-No need to contact us if you are a Monthly Auto or Paid in full. We will take care of your membership automatically.

-If you have special circumstances surrounding your membership, please go HERE and fill out our form. This is the best way for us to handle your membership. We will then contact you individually.

Thank you for being a wonderful climbing community. Stay strong, stay healthy, find ways to stay fit and let us know how it’s going for you. Know that we will be working hard during this closure. We will do an extensive cleaning and disinfecting of the facility so that we are ready to re-open when the time comes.

We will be available by email; please do not hesitate to contact us

Thanks for climbing with us. We look forward to tying in with you soon.

Kevin Bains

General Manager

BRC Update: 3/13/2020, 4:00pm

We are planning on staying open as long as it is allowed and the responsible thing to do. If we are required to close, or no longer feel it is responsible being open, we will close.

Notices will be on the alert banner on our home page, this page, Facebook and a member-wide email if we close. Decisions will be made based on current information and that information is changing minute by minute, hour by hour.

BRC Update: 3/13/2020, 11:00am

All Youth Programming, Adult Programming, Fitness Classes and Yoga are suspended until March 30th (end of Spring Break).  This includes:

-Team BRC, Climbing Club, Tiny Tots, Spring Break Camp, Teen Introduction to Climbing, and private lessons

-Intro to Climbing, Women’s Intro to Climbing, Belay Basics, Climbing Technique, Learn to Lead, Women’s and Spanish Speaking Climbing Night, Climb Like a Girl, Train Smart/Climb Harder, The Skillful Leader

-All Free Fitness classes and Yoga Classes.

BRC’s Local Sport Climbing competition is cancelled.

The BRC is still open, and we are monitoring local, state, and federal public health agencies to determine our course of action for the near future.  Please take all necessary precautions to keep yourselves and those around you safe.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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Youth Sport Climbing Local Comp at Boulder Rock Club

EVENT CANCELLED – ALL Refunds have been processed and should credit  in 3-4 business days. Thanks for thinking of us and for registering for our comp. -BRC

Boulder Rock Club is hosting its annual Youth Sport Climbing Local Competition on Saturday, April 4th, sanctioned by USA Climbing.

BRC will be closed to the public all day, but open regular hours during competition preparation. BRC Members can climb at The Spot Boulder for free on the day of the competition.

We will be routesetting for this competition over the weeks before.  If you are competing, DO NOT CLIMB ON ANY COMPETITION ROUTES.  They will be clearly marked.

Please send any questions to


Cost: $70

Registration ends on Sunday, March 29th at 11:59pm.

All competitors must have a USA Climbing member number upon registration. This can be either a Competitor or Introductory membership. Visit to become a member.

To register CLICK HERE

This USAC Sport Local will be held as a “Flash Format” sport climbing competition. For details about this format, please refer to the most recent edition of The USAC Rulebook.

4 minutes climb time: 1 minute transition time: 4 minutes rest time: 1 minute transition time, etc.

Youth C & D athletes will be top rope only. Youth A, B, and Junior athletes will lead climb. Adaptive Youth are open to those with disabilities age 8-19, and will climb during their corresponding age category.

Running orders and climb times will be released on Monday, March 30th. It is the responsibility of the athletes to be at their first climb 5 minutes prior to their climb time.

Forerunner videos of the competition routes will be released by Friday, April 3rd.

Climbers may warm up in The BRC’s bouldering areas. Only registered athletes and registered coaches will be allowed on the main floor of The BRC during the event.

8am     BRC Opens Doors – Check In Begins

9am     First Climbers Begin Climbing

3pm     Climbing Ends (TENTATIVE)

Youth Category Breakdown

Youth D           2009 or later
Youth C           2007 or 2008
Youth B            2005 or 2006
Youth A            2003 or 2004
Junior              2001 or 2002


Link to follow.

Please contact event organizer Chris Wall if you have any questions.

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Free Shoulder Sessions with The Chiro Lab

Join Dr. Ellen Kindelsperger of The Chiro Lab and receive a FREE consultation with the focus on shoulders and shoulder pain.  Participants will receive 20% off any follow-up treatment (only $48!).

January 28th, 6:00-8:00pm

Hang Dog Lounge

First come, first serve.  Sign up with Ellen on the 2nd floor.


Visit her website to see all services provided or schedule an appointment at

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New Personal Training Packages with Chris Wall

At BRC, we are here to help you achieve your indoor and outdoor climbing goals.  Head trainer and coach, Chris Wall, has developed new training packages for climbers to start your New Year goal tracking off right!

All information can always be found on our Personal Training page.

The Whole Training Package: 8 weeks: $695

The Whole Training Package is a comprehensive 2-month individualized training program. Participants will have their fitness and technical ability evaluated in order to correctly design and implement the best custom training program for them. Participants will receive:

  • Pre-Evaluation training session
    • Hands on preparation for your Technical Fitness Evaluation
  • Technical Fitness Evaluation (see below for details)
  • Body Composition Assessment (see below for details)
  • Seven Personal Training Sessions with Chris to implement your training program
  • Custom Workouts to complete on your own each week
  • Post-Training Technical Fitness Evaluation to assess the results of your training program

Continue reading →

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Introduction to Hangboarding with Peter Beal

Looking to take your climbing to the next level? Join Peter Beal to get started on safe and effective hangboarding. We’ll look at best practices in warming up, hanging positions, and training protocols as well as integrating hangboarding into overall training plans.

January 14th

7-8:30 PM

Free for Members. 6 participants max.  No preregistration required!
Sign up at front desk starting at 6:30pm on January 14th.
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New Session of Climb Like A Girl! is now!

Join Ingrid Bacher for this women’s only group program, a progressive climbing fitness conditioning course with an emphasis on the technical and mental aspects of sport climbing!

 Enroll Now

Climb Like A Girl Courses include:

  • Target climber’s goals
  • Bouldering and route circuit training
  • Climbing specific strength and power training
  • Intermediate to advanced technique instruction and coaching
  • Mental Tactics for Increasing Performance on lead

Climb Like A Girl: Winter Session 2020: Thursdays 7am-9am January 9th – February 27th – 8 weeks

Prerequisites: students must be able to onsight lead 5.10 at a minimum by the first day of class.


Members – $196/one class a week, 8 week course
Non-members – $245/one class a week, 8 week course

Ingrid has been climbing since 1998, and has competed in several Regional and National Championships in Brazil. She studied physical education for 4 years in Brazil and Germany.

“Climbing has always been part of my life. Having the opportunity to share my passion and help others to improve their climbing skills is my biggest motivation to be a coach!”

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Holiday Closures

Holiday Closures for 2019

December 14 – Closing at 6pm (Holiday Party)

December 24 – Closing at 3pm

December 25 – CLOSED

December 31 – Closing at 3pm

January 1 – CLOSED

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Summer Camp 2019 Registration is Open!

Start planning your child’s summer and don’t wait!  These spots will fill up fast!  Here’s what we’ve got to offer:

To register, visit:

Indoor/Outdoor Camps

For an ideal camp experience campers climb indoors at The Boulder Rock Club on Monday and Tuesday, where they learn essential safety skills. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday they head to Boulder Canyon to one of the more popular climbing crags.  Campers gain confidence, trust, and learn teamwork through climbing. Campers spend time as a group and at times, are grouped by age and experience. More experienced climbers will take on leadership roles and experience more challenging climbs.

Get the most out of your camp experience with a full 5 days of climbing.  Two days of indoor climbing (Monday and Tuesday) and three days of outdoor climbing (Wednesday to Friday).  Or choose your own adventure with one or the other.



Girls Indoor/Outdoor Adventure Camp

A full week of indoor and outdoor climbing adventure for her! Two days of indoor climbing (Monday and Tuesday) practicing skills and climbing technique and three days of outdoor climbing (Wednesday to Friday) bringing their indoor skills to the

outdoor rock! Led by our passionate women Instructors who are eager to inspire each girl to experience a fun and exciting climbing adventure! Girls learn and practice Leave No Trace Principles and have opportunities to work as a team and develop leadership skills.




Rock Climbing and Slackline Camps

Join us for a fun indoor rock climbing and slack-line experience.  Our instructors teach climbing skills and basic slack-lining technique in a fun,  motivating and supportive atmosphere.  Climbers gain confidence, trust, and learn team work! In partnership with East Boulder Recreation Center, Camp takes place on Monday and Tuesday at the East Boulder Recreation Center where they are introduced to climbing and slack-lining. Wednesday through Friday campers are at The Boulder Rock Club continuing to develop climbing and bouldering skills.





Single Day Indoor Camps

Flexible for your schedule, perfect for your kids!  A fun day of indoor climbing, learning skills, playing games and challenging climbs. Enroll for as many as you’d like!


To register, see all dates and times, visit:

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Two New TruBlues!

Last week, we installed two new TruBlue Autobelays in the Expansion Room of the BRC!

This opens up at least 6 new routes for your solo gym adventures!  Bare with us as we test the new positioning as they might move slightly to give you the best experience!


Thanks to HeadRush Technologies for such a great product!

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Ages 5 & Under – Free Rentals and Stickers!

Parents!  Do you have little ones scrambling all over your walls?  Or maybe you’re a member already at Boulder Rock Club but you don’t always bring your kids crushers?  Well, we are hoping to make climbing more exciting for your kids.

Boulder Rock Club is offering Free Rental Equipment and a brand new and exclusive BRC Sticker to all kids ages 5 and under with their Day Pass, Punch Pass, or Membership.  Even more exciting, new stickers will be available throughout the year so you can collect them all!


Rock climbing for young kids helps build coordination, confidence, and strength all while having fun.  Our mezzanine area is route set to be accessible for all ages and sizes.  If you are ready to try a class, check out our Tiny Tots programming!  New sessions begin at the start of every month!


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Day Off School Camp – October 12


Join us for a fun indoor rock climbing experience.  Our expert instructors will teach basic safety skills, play rock climbing games, and more!

Ages: 6-14, Kids will be grouped by age and experience.



To Register, Click Here!

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Climbing Club Starts Next Week!

The school year is here again.  That means so is our fall season of Climbing Club!  Keep the summertime fun going and keep your child active and learning with rock climbing!

Climbing Club is separated into three age groups: 6 to 8, 9 to 11, and 12+ with techniques advancing with each age group.  All gear is provided.


To see all dates and to register online, visit:

BRC Climbing Club

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