MAS Chicas – Women Motivated to Achieve Success

MAS Chicas – Women Motivated to Achieve Success

At the Boulder Rock Club, our goal is to not only provide you with a great climbing experience with new routes and great community, but we also want to make you a better climber.  We offer several different instructional programs to get you started, but one of the number one questions that we get..

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Climbing Club and Tiny Tots Registration are Open!

Climbing Club and Tiny Tots Registration are Open!

The school year is only weeks away which means that enrollment for Climbing Club  and Tiny Tots classes is open!

These spots fill up quickly and those who enroll in Quarter 1 will have priority enrollment for the following quarters so don’t miss your chance for your children to be taught..

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A Whole New Rock Club – Remodels and Closures

Hello Friends,
We’re dedicated to keeping the BRC in top form, and are preparing some facility projects later this month. We think you’ll love the upgrades:

Men’s bathroom: adding a shower stall and 2 urinals, new counters
Women’s bathroom: shower overhaul,..

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Summer Membership Special – 2017


We know how nice it is outside right now, but sometimes, you’ve just got to escape the sun and get some laps in indoors!

BRC is offering 3 Months of Membership for only $175.  This offer expires July 1st so hurry before it’s gone!

Your membership will start..

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TJ Sanford goes to the Setter Showdown!

On Saturday May 30th, The first Setter Showdown setting competition in Colorado took place.  On Sunday, they held a 4 hour judging session between all the setters and climbers.  Our very own TJ Sanford, representing the BRC routesetters, took third place!  He won the function category and took..

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Mini-Cave Setter Competition Results!

The rules of the mini comp were simple – Set an advanced route and a mix of team BRC kids, members and staff will grade them from 1-10.  If you miss the adv. grade you are penalized 1 point per grade away from mid advanced.  We left the problems up for 3 days over the weekend and below are..

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Setter Competition Showdown at the BRC

On monday (3/31) we had a mini setting competition at the BRC.  Three of our routesetters were competing for the right to represent the BRC at the Setter Showdown at Earth Treks, Golden on May 30th, 2015.

Special thanks for those who donated their time and efforts to help judge, including..

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Newly Refurbished Campus Board!

Our aging campus board has been refurbished!  I put a new oak board on, sanded and added some new rungs, put a new kickboard on and changed the spacing to the standard ben moon 22cm.  So, if your 1-5-9 feels like it got a smidge harder… it definitely did.  You’re not going crazy.  Also,..

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Onsight Vs. Redpoint Setting

It’s been a while since i’ve blogged.  In the interim, Sean Drolet has been setting less and Steph Marvez has stepped up to the plate and has been setting full time.  We’re sad to have less SD routes, but psyched on all the new Smarvz routes in the gym.  These two are both brilliant..

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The BRC Scooter Gang

A lot of us here at the BRC have recently acquired Scooters this summer.  It’s kinda the new hot thing to do in our tiny microcosm of the climbing universe.  A few of us setters, myself included, are also part of the scooter gang.  But, unfortunately, not all the setters own a scooter.


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Fall climbing season is just around the corner!

We have a few changes here at the BRC as we roll into September.  We’re starting our four-week bouldering turnover again.  There was great feedback on it, and it was sorely missed.  This means that we’ll be setting a couple Thursdays a month, which means a few noisy mornings for the..

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When Route Setters Go Looking For Work

I get a lot of people interested in setting here at the BRC.  There’s a wide range, from people with Level 5 USAC route setting certifications to people with no experience setting, from 5.10 climbers to 5.14 climbers, gym members, local kids team members and so on.  At the moment, I’m not..

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Y&Y Belay Glasses: A Review

Having climbed for nearly 17 years, in addition to 23 years of guitar playing, my neck is just wrecked from excessive wear and tear.  The biggest culprit from the climbing side of things is most definitely not the climbing, it’s the belaying. If i spend a day belaying at the crag these days..

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A little Commercial Routesetting Perspective

I’ve been wanting to blog about this for a while.  I feel like there’s a very different theory about routesetting for competitions and routesetting for commercial gyms.  Granted, I have limited experience in the former and, perhaps, too much in the latter.  Often people forget that..

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It was supposed to be so pretty outside today…

Really.   They said low 50’s and sunshine.  Instead i went running uphill on ice at 6am.  It was my birthday present to myself.  I haven’t blogged much lately, and i apologize.  The holidays kicked in and then procrastination and a whole lot of rationalization convinced me to let..

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Team BRC Psychedelia Recap

Team BRC did amazing this past weekend at the Spot’s bouldering competition, Psychedelia.  Below are just a few photos of the event.




For more general photos of the event click here.  Congrats again to Team BRC.  You rock!


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Level up! 4 Starz!

What if routesetting was a lot more like a video game?  A lot of routesetters these days have certification levels so that they can set at comps, etc.  For example, you can be a level 1-5 USAC routesetter, the upper eschelon gaining privilege to set at the most elite competitions.  I’d really..

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Climbers are a lot like monkeys…

…for obvious reasons.  And monkeys really need to climb.  So if all the flood closures are cramping your craggin’ style, you should come check out some of our newer routes.  This friday we’ll be resetting the expansion bouldering as well, and the small cave has some fresh problems..

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