Fitness Classes

Elevate your Fitness with Fellow Climbers.


No matter your aim—be it enhancing your climbing prowess or preparing for a particular season or athletic achievement – we’ve got the classes for you.

Our offerings encompass a creative blend of strength and conditioning to help you become not only a more well rounded climber but all around athlete.  Implementing fitness into your climbing routine offers multiple benefits including increasing performance, maintaining your health and wellness, and building confidence.

Let our personal trainers help your on your journey.  Take a look at our current class selections below.

Peak Conditioning with Lucinda

Circuit style interval class based on strength, balance and endurance for all things mountainous.

Whether you’re training for climbing, hiking or skiing, this class will bring you closer to your personal summit.

Tuesdays from 6:00-7:00pm

Lucinda has worked at the BRC since 2004. She has a love of the BRC community and finds deep purpose in aiding members in reaching their goals. Lucinda is an ACE certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, health coach, and nutritional specialist. She focuses on a whole body approach to training to build strength, mobility and endurance for today’s sports and tomorrow’s longevity. She can be seen in the mountains all seasons chasing around her dog, Hazel.

fitness for climbers
fitness for climbers

HIIT Class with Evan

High Intensity Interval Training built climbers, runners and cyclists alike.

Thursdays from 6:00-7:00pm

Evan (NASM CPT; LMT) has been a climbing instructor at BRC since April 2022, and a personal trainer since spring of 2023. She enjoys working with all levels of experience, especially beginners or those who want to learn something new. Her goals are to help athletes develop the confidence and skills to train independently, improve at their sport, and stay injury free so they can continue doing what’s important to them. Evan enjoys rock & ice climbing, hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, boxing, and Muay Thai. She is also studying for the CSCS and SPI exams and hopes to continue working in outdoor recreation and fitness. 

Group Fitness Classes are currently limited to 8 participants. All classes are free for members!
We provide all equipment needed during the class.  Each class is a hour in length. Class signup is in person at the front desk starting 20 minutes before class.

All Climbing Classes

  • Intro to Climbing – All inclusive climbing class for beginners that teaches belaying and simple technique. Multiple classes available for adults, women and teens.
  • Belay Basics – Learn how to tie into your harness and how to belay
  • Climbing Technique – Improve your overall climbing efficiency, improve footwork, and more.
  • Learn to Lead – Take advantage of all our climbing terrain and learn advanced climbing skills.
  • Sport Anchors and Rappelling – Learn how to build and clean bolted anchors to take your skills outside.
  • Private Instruction – Schedule a one on one and receive personalized attention to set new goals.