First Time?

Do I need to make an appointment or can I just stop by?

There is no need to make an appointment unless you would like to set up a private instruction. We do have limited space for beginners, it’s a good idea to call before you come.

New to climbing? Never done this?

Don’t worry, climbing is a fun and safe activity.

If you don’t know how to belay, you might want to consider our Belay Class or Introductory Course.

If you can’t take a course, don’t worry. We can get you climbing in minutes by utilizing our bouldering terrain and our TruBlue autobelays.

What will I need?
  1. Buy a Day Pass
    • Adult $25
    • Student $19
    • Youth (11 and under) $16
  2. Click ‘Waiver’ button at bottom left of our website or come in to complete our waiver
  3. Rent climbing equipment
    • $12 Adults
    • $6 Students/Youth
  4. Start rock climbing!
How do I find a climbing partner?

Find a Partner! Visit us on Facebook and use our Partner Finder page to find other climbers.

Can I bring a group in to climb?

We love groups, but can only accommodate groups over 6 climbers at certain times. Check out our Climbing Parties or email Josh Hill to discuss bringing your group to climb.

Do I have to be a member to climb here?

No you don’t need to be a member. You can purchase a day pass.

What do I need to bring?

If you are over 18, nothing!
If you are under 18, we require a signed waiver from a parent or legal guardian to climb.
Kids under 12 need to have a parent supervise. See our Kid Policies page here.
We can provide rental equipment if you don’t have any.

I’m an experienced climber, but it’s my first time visiting.

If you are an experienced climber, all you need to do is pass our belay test (separate tests for top rope belaying, lead climbing and lead belaying) before you belay, lead belay or lead climb. They are free and available anytime we are open. For any of our belay tests, you must bring a climbing partner to climb for you during the test.

Where are you located?

2829 Mapleton Ave
Boulder, CO 80301


Check out our Kid Polices before you bring the little ones!

Membership Prices and Day Pass Rates