Uniting Independent Climbing Gyms

Starting April 1st, 2024!

As a small, independently owned and operated business, we are excited to expand the BRC community!

Introducing the CLIMB Pass Program, where your BRC membership includes one day pass every calendar month to each of the following independently owned climbing gyms in the Colorado area:


We collectively believe in adding as much benefit to your membership as possible. 

Here’s to our growing communities together and thank you for being part of it!

independent climbing gyms of colorado

Terms and Conditions for The CLIMB Pass:


  • Must have an active, paid-in-full or recurring monthly membership at your home gym
  • Members must adhere to each participating gym’s policies (signing a waiver, belay testing, gym orientations, abiding by general facility rules, etc.)


  • Your home gym membership must be active (it cannot be frozen or terminated)
  • Your home gym membership may not have an outstanding balance
  • Trial memberships (such as free memberships from class sign up) may be excluded at the discretion of your home gym
  • Membership perks from your home gym do not transfer (examples: member discounts on classes, rental equipment, or
    in the pro-shop)
  • Free entry to participating gyms is non-transferable