Setter Competition Showdown at the BRC

On monday (3/31) we had a mini setting competition at the BRC.  Three of our routesetters were competing for the right to represent the BRC at the Setter Showdown at Earth Treks, Golden on May 30th, 2015.

Special thanks for those who donated their time and efforts to help judge, including the Team BRC kids.

1st place – TJ Sanford (problem #3)

2nd place – Aubrey Wingo (problem #1)

3rd place – Sean Drolet (problem #2)

All of the problems turned out great, and the competition was close.  The target grade for each one was mid advanced.  Unfortunately, none of them quite hit that mark, but they were close enough to judge.

We’ll be allowing the setters to tweak their problems to perfection this week.  The stress of a timed setting competition can sometimes cause difficulties to miss the mark and reaches to be mis-judged.

We had so much fun during this that we’re going to do another with a full setting crew in the little cave this thursday.  The grading will be a lot easier this time, and the prize a lot smaller.  The winner gets a bhakti chai and each judge only grades the problem from 1-10.

The thursday problems are up, so come out and grade ’em!

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