Level up! 4 Starz!

What if routesetting was a lot more like a video game?  A lot of routesetters these days have certification levels so that they can set at comps, etc.  For example, you can be a level 1-5 USAC routesetter, the upper eschelon gaining privilege to set at the most elite competitions.  I’d really like to start my own video-game-inspired, BRC leveling system.  So, being the head routesetter, i’m now imbued with the power of granting levels to my routesetters.  What follows is the new official BRC setter level list:

Stephanie Marvez (A.k.a. SMARVZ) – Level 15 Sorceress Setter.  Mistress of illusion and heroine of the shorties.  Commonly found repeating the mantra, “Sometimes you just have to pull…”


Patrick Megeath (A.k.a. PM) – Level 22 Ogre Setter.  Champion of peasants, smasher of stiff grades.  Often found inebriated with monkeys and loud music.


Sean Drolet (A.k.a. SD) – Level 19 Treefairy Setter.  Delicate, thoughtful and finger-friendly.  What more can i say?


Juan Esteban (A.k.a. Onecho) – Level 15 Orc Setter, Brutish and thuggish, hails from the far lands of Venezuemordor.  Hence the accent.


Trevor Markel (A.k.a. TM) – Level 19 Phoenix Setter.   That’s right, reborn from the ashes of himself.  Hawt.  So light and feathery that no grade is honest enough.


Matt Wilder (A.k.a. MHW) – Level 452 Albatross.  His exponential leveling has moved him beyond a simple ‘setter’ title.  Mr Baines(Castellan of Castle BRC) himself bestowed him with this title.  He’s practically achieved flight.


Tony Yao (A.k.a. T-nut) – Level 100 Ninja Setter.  Well, duh.  Who else could possibly be more ninja than our very own 300 year old Master Yao?


TJ Sanford (A.k.a. TJ) – Level 17 Karate Setter.  Ka – Ra – TAY.  He chops his way up climbs.  They are too scared to fight back.



Jonathan Siegrist (A.k.a. J-Star) – Level ? Gnome Setter.  Level ? is usually reserved for video game bosses.  Rarely seen and even harder to catch, he has a predilection for gardens and loves to repeat what other people say in babytalk.  Slayer of giants, lover of small shiny things.



Jonny Hork (A.k.a J.Hork) – Level 25 Link Setter.  Classic, oldschool, and always gets the princess.  Plus, he has a little green pointy hat.  Our newest setter straight from the Spot.



Dallas Milburn (A.k.a. Dtron) – Level 21 Princess Setter.  Tinkerbells his way up climbs with grace, precision and …. the power of pretty.  Possesses the ability to make anyone comfortable enough to talk about their problems with him in a grassy field with a nice warm mug of chai.  He’ll be returning to set for Xmas vacation!


Seth Lytton (A.k.a SRL) – Level 34.9 Mad Scientist Setter.  Conjures up Brutal and devious sequences with an abacus, tea leaves, a small hobbit and a lot of dry ice.  Can only be found on “hidden” game levels.


And myself?  I’d like to be a level 6 imp setter.  ‘Cause it’s at least one level higher than all those level 5 USAC setters, and i could fart fireballs or something else appropriately devilish.  And because Tyrion really is the only saving grace for George Martin’s epic sprawling Game of Thrones series.

Tyrion       OR      Imp

You might have spied master Yao (T-nut) around the gym the past few days.  He’s back in town for a few days.  Make sure to say hello, and try out his new 5.12 on the Tsunami.

In other news, We’ll be starting to set bouldering on thursdays twice a month during our busy fall/winter season so that we can pump out a much higher 4 week turnover on all of our bouldering.  There will be no room closures, so no roped climbing will be affected!  Let us know if you’re psyched on the Bouldering turnover or not.

TJ Sanford and Jen Aycock will also be leaving us at the end of October.  They’re heading back to Michigan for the winter and we wish them the best!  Thanks for all the hard work and the great, techy routes!  Don’t forget to visit!

Ciao for now,

-Level 6 Imp


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