Teen Intro Class (Ages 12-17)

Climbing is a great sport that introduces climbers to the vertical world. It’s physically and mentally engaging and at Boulder Rock Club we are a community that fosters learning in a supportive environment.

If you are in the 12-17 age group and are interested in learning to climb and how to belay, we have the perfect option for you.  Our Teen Intro class is designed to be fun and to prepare you to understand all the aspects of climbing risk management, basic climbing technique, and how to Belay properly.  Successful completion of the class allows you to climb independently, without the need for adult supervision.

Class Content:

  • Harness- proper wear and checks
  • Use of Auto Belay
  • Figure 8 tie-in and checks
  • Climbing Commands
  • Top Rope Belay technique using the ATC friction device and Gri Gri.
  • Bouldering
  • Gym rules, risk management, and etiquette
  • Climbing Technique


Additional information:

  • All courses are subject to our cancellation policy.
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Please note that these classes fill quickly, and that space is limited. Enroll online or by calling our Front Desk at 303-447-2804.  For questions, please contact Josh Hill at jhill@boulderrockclub.com

BRC Reservation/Cancellation Policy

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