Belay Basics

Let us teach you the best way to belay.

Learning how to belay is a fundamental skill necessary to expand your route terrain and climb with partners.  Providing proper top rope belay technique not only keeps your climbing partners safe but also give them the best opportunity to perfect and send their projects.  Don’t forget, a belay test is required to top rope at BRC – why not pass the test after being taught by the best?


    • Learn how to tie into your harness and how to belay

    • Understand gym risk management and etiquette

    • Meet climbing partners

    • Includes FREE 1-week membership

Looking for more instruction than just belaying?  Intro to Climbing teaches you how to belay and learn climbing technique all in one!

learn how to belay

BRC Reservation/Cancellation Policy

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-Cancellations made less than 10 days before an event can be given credit, only.

No refunds, make ups or credits for cancellations made 2 days or less, before an event. 

No refunds, make-ups or credit for missed class or event. 

All Climbing Classes

  • Intro to Climbing – All inclusive climbing class for beginners that teaches belaying and simple technique. Multiple classes available for adults, women and teens.
  • Belay Basics – Learn how to tie into your harness and how to belay
  • Climbing Technique – Improve your overall climbing efficiency, improve footwork, and more.
  • Learn to Lead – Take advantage of all our climbing terrain and learn advanced climbing skills.
  • Sport Anchors and Rappelling – Learn how to build and clean bolted anchors to take your skills outside.
  • Private Instruction – Schedule a one on one and receive personalized attention to set new goals.