Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership Terms and Conditions

Automatic Funds Transfer:

Monthly Auto memberships will be billed on the 1st of the month. Memberships will be prorated to the first of the month. Unless paid in full, payment of dues shall be automatically debited from member’s specified credit or debit card account. Monthly Auto accounts have NO expiration date and will continue being billed until Boulder Rock Club receives a change  request via our change form (online or in person only) by the 25th of the month. In addition to membership fees, any additional charges assigned to the account (retail items, goods, or services) will be charges on or after the 1st of each month.

Payment, Cancellation and Billing Fees:

Membership is not affected by use or non-use of Boulder Rock Club facilities. Monthly Auto memberships can be cancelled before the next bill date submitted via our online change (online or in person only) by the 25th of the month. We do not accept membership changes over the phone or via email. No refunds given for unused membership. Boulder Rock Club reserves the right to raise membership prices.

Membership Freeze Policy (Monthly Auto Memberships):

Monthly Auto memberships can be frozen in one month increments only, beginning on the 1st of the month and ending the last day of the month. Unfreeze date must be in month increments from the freeze start date. Memberships thawed early will be prorated the amount of days left in the month. Two full months (not including the prorate) are required before freezing or canceling a Monthly Auto Membership

Membership Freeze Policy (Paid in Full Memberships):

Paid in Full memberships for 12 month (annual) memberships can only be frozen in 1 month increments for a maximum period of three months during the first 11 months of the term.  Requests must be submitted via our online change form or by written notice to the Boulder Rock Club. Membership will automatically resume at the end of the stated freeze time. No freeze time is given for other PIF memberships unless specifically stated.  Membership is not affected by use or non-use, no refunds will be given for unused membership.