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The Great Boulder Duck Race 2023

Each duck you adopt acts as a donation to PLAY Boulder.  Our team is aiming to raise $1000 for the PLAY Boulder Foundation by August 27th!

Ducks will be paddling this summer on August 27, 2023 from 11am-1 pm at Scott Carpenter Pool’s Lazy River.

Donations received for the 2023 Great Boulder Duck Race will help fund PLAY Boulder’s programming for low-income families and people with disabilities.

Each duck enters you into a drawing for fantastic prizes from local businesses. The more ducks you adopt, the more chances you have to win!

play boulder foundation great boulder duck race 2023
great boulder duck race

About PLAY Boulder Foundation

The Duck Race is PLAY Boulder Foundation’s signature fundraising event, with all money raised going to support their work growing our parks and community through the pillars of access, placemaking, and sustainability. The PLAY Boulder Foundation supports excellence in parks and recreation by mobilizing community support through education, philanthropy and advocacy.

Boulder Rock Club is a proud provider for PLAYPass!

PLAYpass is a program that aims to reduce barriers to fee-based participation in sport and recreation programs, so all Boulder youth have the opportunity to thrive and live healthy, active lifestyles.

Check out last year’s Great Boulder Duck Race!

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BRC Club Q Fundraiser & After Hours Pride Climb Night

Join us for our After Hours Pride Climb Night and help us raise money in support of the victims and their families affected by the Club Q Shooting in Colorado Springs, CO.

BRC will be matching verified donations on Saturday, January 28. We will also be offering free day passes to non-member users, and punches to members upon proof of verified donations per $20 value to the Official GoFundMe.

Click Here to Donate!

National Compassion Fund – On November 19, 2022, a gunman opened fire at Club Q in Colorado Springs, CO, killing five people, wounding 17 and injuring others. Faith Haug, a local LGBTQ+ businesswoman, started this fund for those directly impacted by the shooting and asked the National Compassion Fund to administer it. The fund will benefit the loved ones of the people who were killed, those who were injured, and those who were present and suffered psychological trauma.- 100% of donations to this fund will go to survivors and victims of this tragedy. Donations made to this fund are tax deductible.

What you get from BRC for your donation upon presentation of Donation Verification*:

Please note that day passes will only be redeemable on January 28th.


  • Free Day pass with Rentals
  • Per every $20 verified donation amount (Ex: $100 donation= 5 Day passes, $50= 2 Day passes)


  • Free punch added to account.
  • Per every $20 verified donation amount (Ex: $40 donation= 2 punches, $75= 3 punches)

Example of Donation Verification:

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