X-Cardio for the Mountains: Week #4


Test Day is next week! Be prepared! Hydrate! Don’t hit the burrito bar 20 minutes before class!

Big change today. The jumprope row didn’t get any breaks. They had to switch between speed rope, lateral hops, and high knees every 30 seconds. For 4.5 minutes. Without stopping.


There were a lot of classics to tackle today as well as some motor skill acquisition with the Goat Flip Lunge.

The Mystery Event is where things got interesting. We started with a typical Greased Lightning Round (30 seconds each, no rest). But after that was over we had some extra time on our hands.

New Game: Quid Pro Quo. Something for Something. So here is how it works. During the Greased Lightning Round you take note of the highest heart rate you’ve achieved. For some this was upwards of around 97-98% of their max. When QPQ starts basically you have to hit that number again doing either high knees or flying chickens. If class had been full today I would have owed some folks a margarita.

See ya next time!

Coach CWall


Nice blog. I'm a snowshoeing enthusiast…will a Quid Pro Quo game make me less tired on the uphill?

It may, depending on a lot of other things. I wouldn't just play a game of Quid Pro Quo and assume that it will take care of everything. You have a lot of control over how things go depending on your skill level as a snow shoer. But effective interval training (doing the WHOLE class) on a regular basis can definitely help you with you uphill snowshoe game.

Hey Chris

After hearing about you talk on and on about your blog,I finally got a chance to see the whole thing in action. And I was wrong. It actually is kind of cool to see the results. So thanks for posting all this nonsense

Hey Chris, this has been a great class and I have experienced the benefits. Unfortunately, it has also exposed my greatest weakness which is the four procedure surgery I had done on my right knee back in 1997'. I have to lay off and do low impact activities such as skinning max vertical and skiing effortless backcountry pow! My right knee is having issues but I'll get some body work including massage and some PT. I'll check in to discuss and will miss the class as I've become addicted.

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