X-Cardio for the Mountains: Week #3 & 4

2/14 and 2/15, 2012

Hey there,

   Rough. Both classes. Rough. Especially today’s noon class. Damn. 12 people. All motivated by a single goal. . .

              12 x 93% = Margarita

The two classes that have managed it in the past have been noon classes. One class hit it on Round 2. The other on Round 3.

Today Round 2 looked promising. 11 out of 12 hit 93% at the same time, with #12 at 91%. Not bad. And I barely raised my voice (really!). I thought we might have a winner by the next round. By the 7th set we were 11 out of 12, with #12 at 91%. Same for the 8th set. And on the ninth, as the clock wound down, we had 11 out of 12 at or above 93%, and our 12th at 92%.

DAMMIT! So close. . .

We finished up with a Greased Lightning Round. 30 seconds on each exercise, 7 second transition time (yes, I made it longer). The goal is to get started on the next exercise before the timer says go.

It’s amazing. People are like the atomic clock when it comes to stopping on time. But when it comes to starting on time? Well. . .

See you next time. . .

Coach CWall

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