X-Cardio for the Mountains: Test Day 2/7/12

Hey there,

   Test day for the evening class. Sweet, and a little sour. Remember to cross reference your HR monitor sign out sheet with the results. What we are looking for here is:

a) total time spent in the yellow and red zones
b) number of peaks at the end of the bar graph

Even peaks of about the same level are ideal. Plateaus show some room for improvement.

Here are the results:


Dang, I am sore today! Upper hammies and lower glutes – the kind of sore where you have to use the handicap toilet stall that has a bar so you can lower yourself gently and not fall in. And with only body-weight exercises! Musta been those Split Jumps.

Haven't had a soreness this good since the 1st week or two months ago. Maybe it was being out sick a week.

Also, Chris, what sort of Calorie expenditure would you expect during a class like this one? I weigh ~160. The 562 kcal indicated by the HR monitor chart seems low relative to what I expected.

I wouldn't look to the test results for this one. Without programming in your body weight, lean mass, etc. there is not really a good way to estimate this. Look instead to compare this number with the next test day. The programmed parameters will all be the same, and although they won't give you a good absolute measure, it will show you if there is a difference. More calories in this case will mean more work done, which is desirable.

Also, in general there is no good way to estimate this with this type of class. Caloric expenditure usually requires a more steady state type of exercise to estimate with any degree of accuracy.

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