The Skillful Lead Climber with Chris Wall

If you are new to lead climbing and are looking to expand on your skills and make them rock solid, this 8 week program is for you.  This 8 week lead climbing training group is focused on advancing your lead climbing I.Q. and to take your confidence well beyond the novice level. Over the duration of this course you will learn and practice the concepts that are essential for you to safely enjoy and embrace indoor sport climbing at a higher level. During this program you will gain:

  • Advanced lead climbing and lead belaying safety tactics
  • Mental control and focus while lead climbing
  • Fundamentals of physical training for the lead climbing athlete within you
  • The confidence and skills to lead climb anywhere in the gym
  • Climb harder routes on lead

Prerequisites: Pass BRC Lead and Lead Belay Tests prior to first day, Toprope 5.10.  Suggested prerequisites: BRC Climbing Technique Course

When: Tuesdays 8am – 10am

Winter Session:

1/25/22 – 3/15/22 (8 Week Program)

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Cost: $205

Limit 6 People.

About Chris:

This course is taught by Team BRC’s Head Coach, Chris Wall. Chris has been teaching and training climbers of all abilities and experience levels for over 25 years. Come learn from one of the most experienced climbing coaches in the US.