The dog days of summer…

… are nearly over.  Fall is quickly coming our way and the busy season is nearly upon us.  Enjoy the last few hot and slow days.  Soon the humidity will chill out in the gym and the outdoor temps will be pristine.  The most perfect time of the year, as far as climbing is concerned, is nearly here.

I’ve been enjoying  these past few weeks by moving in to my new home(homeowner!), running more and climbing less due to finger and shoulder injuries.  Surprisingly, i’ve found that cardio fitness does a surprising amount for climbing… after not climbing for a month, i didn’t get pumped up a hard route on the tsunami.  Normally i’d be pumped out of my gourd with that much time off.  Once i start climbing full time again, my new program will involve much more running and much less climbing.  It might even reduce the injuries.  I’m sold.

As far as routes go, we reset the small cave this morning.  There is a really even spread of grades in there.  One of our front-deskers, Tyler, came in to help out as well.  Let us know what you think of his routes, they’re marked, “TS”.  There are some short and hard vertical problems up as well, involving nasty and tiny crimps, or funky sloper traverses.  See if you can unlock them!

-Brent Ng


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