Adult Training Programs

Has your climbing hit a plateau?  Group training programs rapidly advance your fitness level and climbing skills while under the care and specialty of our trainers.

Measure your progress alongside other like-minded athletes and climbers under the direction of Chris Wall, Boulder Rock Club’s head coach and trainer.

Climb Like a Girl: w/ Ingrid Bacher

This women’s only group program is a progressive climbing fitness conditioning course with an emphasis on the technical and mental aspects of sport climbing. Adult team programs like this will help you build stronger fundamentals and teach you the physical and mental skills that you need in order to advance your climbing. BRC welcomes all who identify as a woman into our women’s programming.

Climb Like A Girl Courses include:

  • Target climber’s goals
  • Bouldering and route circuit training
  • Climbing specific strength and power training
  • Intermediate to advanced technique instruction and coaching
  • Mental Tactics for Increasing Performance on lead

Prerequisites: Students must be able to onsight lead 5.10 at a minimum by the first day of class.



When: Tuesdays 7am-9am

   Fall Session – Oct 5 to Nov 30 (No Class on Nov 23) – Enroll Now

Cost: $205 (8 Week Program)

Limit 6 People.


About Ingrid:

Ingrid has been climbing since 1998, and has competed in several Regional and National Championships in Brazil. She studied physical education for 4 years in Brazil and Germany.

“Climbing has always been part of my life. Having the opportunity to share my passion and help others to improve their climbing skills is my biggest motivation to be a coach!”


Train Smart/Climb Harder: w/ Peter Beal

This group climbing training program is an in depth training program utilizing periodized progressive climbing conditioning as well as climbing specific cross training. This course will help you understand and implement a training plan from warm-up to cool down that is specific to and your needs as a climber.

Train Smart/Climb Harder Courses include:

  • Introduction to the training process
  • Advanced warm up concepts and applications
  • Training session goal setting
  • Climbing specific strength and power training

Prerequisites: students must be able to onsight lead 5.11 at a minimum by the first day of class.



When: Thursdays 10am-12pm

   Fall Sessions – Sept 9th to Sept 30th (4 Weeks, $105)

                          Oct 7 to Dec 16 (10 Weeks, No Class on Nov 25) Enroll Now!

Cost: $260 (10 Week Course)

Limit 6 People.


About Peter:

Peter has been climbing for over 40 years, starting as a trad climber in New England. After being exposed to the training scene in Sheffield, England, Peter found himself more and more interested in the process and principles of training, conditioning himself to double digit bouldering sends and 5.14 sport climbing ascents. He has written extensively and hosted many clinics and private sessions on the complexities of effective training for climbing.


The Skillful Lead Climber w/ Chris Wall

If you are new to lead climbing and are looking to expand on your skills and make them rock solid, this 8 week program is for you.  This 8 week lead climbing training group is focused on advancing your lead climbing I.Q. and to take your confidence well beyond the novice level. Over the duration of this course you will learn and practice the concepts that are essential for you to safely enjoy and embrace indoor sport climbing at a higher level. During this program you will gain:

  • Advanced lead climbing and lead belaying safety tactics
  • Mental control and focus while lead climbing
  • Fundamentals of physical training for the lead climbing athlete within you
  • The confidence and skills to lead climb anywhere in the gym
  • Climb harder routes on lead

Prerequisites: Pass BRC Lead and Lead Belay Tests prior to first day, Toprope 5.10.  Suggested prerequisites: BRC Climbing Technique Course


When: Tuesdays 6:30-8:30am or 9-11am

   Fall Sessions – Oct 5 to Dec 14 (10 Weeks, No Class on Nov 23) – Enroll now!

Cost: $260

Limit 6 People.


About Chris:

This course is taught by Team BRC’s Head Coach, Chris Wall. Chris has been teaching and training climbers of all abilities and experience levels for over 25 years. Come learn from one of the most experienced climbing coaches in the US.


For more details, contact Chris Wall at 303-447-2804 ext. 120 or at