New route plaques

We’re starting to phase in some new route plaques.  They’ll be elegant.  And simple.  And modern.  And humble.  And delicious.  If you enjoy eating laminated paper products and duct tape. What follows is a snapshot of the new ‘look’.photo-1 This will allow us to forgo the redundant tape at the bottom of the routes, which excelled mostly in collecting old chalk and dead skin cells while they peeled away from the wall.  The rating should also now be easier to read!  Yay! In other news, I just ordered a plethora of holds from Urban Plastix (  You can find them on the outside of the small bouldering cave and on some of our newer routes in the expansion.  They’ve got some great shapes that we’re excited to set with. I’m making a concerted effort to diversify our climbing hold selection with other hold companies.  Like it’s a mutual fund.  And i’m the hedge fund manager.  At least i enjoy pretending i am, barking orders like, “Sell, Sell, Sell it all!” to Patrick while he’s setting a route.  Which might explain why the setters mostly ignore me these days. Speaking of Patrick, he’s been voted our setter of the month.  The polling process was arduous, but since it was only myself voting, we eventually came to a conclusion.  He was recently written up in the newspaper as the famous DJ dirtmonkey at night, and the infamous PM during the day while he’s setting routes at the BRC.  Who doesn’t love being in the paper? He actually has TWO different DJ personas.  Dirtmonkey is the down and dirty dubstep DJ, whereas his twin, Steve French is the sexy and suave house DJ.  Steve lays down the smooth beats for the ravers to groove all night long.  With one toss of his sublime hair, he can make any woman swoon.  Watch out ladies, when Steve French is around, the euro has come to B-town. Besides his monkey DJ thing and all that rock climbing, i wanted to get to know Patrick better.  So i asked and i received.  Here are some other fun facts about Patrick…. He is now the proud, if frustrated, owner of 3 chickens(maybe a fox got one?). He cooks some excellent Thai dishes.  His favorite animal is the Liger.  I mean, whose isn’t?  And finally, he used to play the saxophone.  Perhaps that’s where the budding inspiration for music began. Patrick also used to set for Granite Arch and Pipeworks in Sacramento (or Sac-town as K.Bains refers to it).  He has the longest setter tenure here at the rock club, and has a known predilection for pinches and comfy jugs.  So, if you see fifty pinches leading the way up the wall to the chains…. it just might be a PM route.

Enough talk.  It’s business time.  Here is PM with his platinum steel look.  Or his vicious kitty pose.  I often get the two confused.


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