USAC SCS Regional Championship Information

Last Update: 5/9/13 12:45pm

Thank you for you interest in the USAC SCS Regional Championships at The Boulder Rock Club. This page will be updated frequently as information changes. Please check back in.

Registration is closed


We are still looking for volunteers for this event. If you are interested please contact us at


Event format: Onsight. 3 routes per category. 5 minutes on/5 minutes off. 1 minute transition.

Isolation format: Rolling isolation. Kids cannot leave isolation once they have checked in. Coaches can enter and leave isolation as they please.


Tentative Schedule: This schedule is very close to being final, but is still subject to change up to the day of the event. Please check back frequently.

Isolation Check In: between 1.5 and .5 hours before athlete’s individual climb time. Please be on time.


Male D Male C Male B
Start Time First Name Last Name   First Name Last Name   First Name Last Name
9:00 AM Oliver Chantler Joe Goodacre Keith Mauerman
9:06 AM lukas bergsten Russell Greene Finn Stack
9:12 AM Cody Stevenson Ethan Pitcher Kyle Wickers
9:18 AM Brody Nielsen Ricky Scholtes Skylar Drakos
9:24 AM Benjamin Dantas Sam Dean Cole Myers
9:30 AM Samual Kuepper Harry Winsor Skylar Smith
9:36 AM Luke Davison Jack Mason Cyrus Sprow
9:42 AM Luke Reivich Max Manson Devyn Lynch
9:48 AM Callum Caulson Mike Lowe Malcolm Oliver
9:54 AM Forrest Christian Charlie Winsor Shawn Raboutou
10:00 AM Chris Deuto Konsantin Pflaum Colin Maruyama
10:06 AM Aiden Jurevich Devin Wong Tristin Crane
10:12 AM Zach Arenberg Ray McVicker Howie Seim
10:18 AM Colin Duffy Nate Hancock Ethan Kruteck
10:24 AM Liam O’Brien Mateo Gallegos Timmy Dolan
10:30 AM Noah Morton Ian Greene Ryan Mike
10:36 AM Tanner Bauer Will Sharp
10:42 AM Lance Mason
10:48 AM Eske Carter
10:54 AM Samuel Dorsey


Female   D Female   C Male   A
 Start Time First Name Last Name   First Name Last Name   First Name Last Name
11:00 AM Amalia Manning Brooke Raboutou Pierce McCrerey
11:06 AM Margarite Ford Kate Soulliere Jaime Cantarovici
11:12 AM Cadance Hurt Ruby Guy Matthew Dalton
11:18 AM Mia Manson Berit Kirchner Garrett Mount
11:24 AM Sarah Smith Georgia Witchel Silas Carter
11:30 AM Corinne Otterness Ariana O’Brien Aidan Mike
11:36 AM Grace Remmert Kamawela Leka Wyatt Geibig
11:42 AM Kalia O’Brien Gina Kelble Ben Lindfors
11:48 AM Jasmine Mosberger Ravelle Nelson Remi Arata
11:54 AM Mya Ormsbee Mia Greene Thomas Kalina
12:00 PM Caroline Bechtel Stella Noble Michael Bartley
12:06 PM Ella Von Dungen Tali Maximon Stefan Lavender
12:12 PM Margaux D’Amato Cora Seiber Liam Keyek
12:18 PM Bella Weksler Harris Burton Michael Neuder
12:24 PM Zoe Bray Eva Cursley Austin Lankford
12:30 PM Campbell Sarinopoulos Layla Esrey Jonah Weil
12:36 PM Olivia Day Nancy Poe Conor Pepin
12:42 PM Lydia Dolan Sydney Unbewust Male Junior
12:48 PM Phoebe Dolan Hailey Ingham Nic Rummel
12:54 PM Anna Von Dungen Matt Lubar
1:00 PM Ashley Fisher Greg Ledingham
1:06 PM Katie Kelble
1:12 PM Mackenzie Bay


Female   B
Start Time First Name Last Name
9:00 AM Isabelle Goodacre
9:06 AM Ivy Todd
9:12 AM Rebecca DeBalski
9:18 AM Kiana Ellis
9:24 AM Maggie Boyer
9:30 AM Margo Hayes
9:36 AM Jessica Hawkins
9:42 AM Abby Wilson
9:48 AM Eleanor Matheson
9:54 AM Alise Arata
10:00 AM Lisa Kilmer
10:06 AM Ashley Bobowski
10:12 AM Madeline D’Amato
Female A
10:30 AM Mimi Nissan
10:36 AM Kate Stern
10:42 AM Lea Sachs
10:48 AM Sasha Rubenfeld
10:54 AM Kelly Rushing
11:00 AM Laurel Todd
11:06 AM Leah Bell-Johnson
11:12 AM Bridget O’Neill
Female Junior
11:30 AM Kayleigh Lindfors
11:36 AM Nicole Hansen
11:42 AM Jessica Goff
11:48 AM Nyita Hooper


Start Times: Speed Climbing

11:15am: Female B

11:45am: Male B

12:00pm: Female A

12:15pm: Male D

12:45pm: Male C

1:15pm: Female Junior

1:30pm: Male A

2:00pm: Female C

2:30pm: Male Junior

2:45pm: Female D

Running orders will be posted after we have received the final list of registrants from USA Climbing.

Awards: 4pm

Gym Closes: 5pm

For more information please contact Chris Wall.