Fall climbing season is just around the corner!

We have a few changes here at the BRC as we roll into September.  We’re starting our four-week bouldering turnover again.  There was great feedback on it, and it was sorely missed.  This means that we’ll be setting a couple Thursdays a month, which means a few noisy mornings for the usual Thursday AM climbers.

Our kids’ team programs are starting back up, so you may find more kid friendly routes around the gym.  We try to keep them adult friendly as well, so don’t worry!  August 23rd-24th we’re having tryouts for the BRC Team, and we’ll have 3 specific routes and boulder problems in the expansion for them.   Good luck to all the kids on their team placement


And lastly, our saddest news.  Setters come and setters go, some return and some just go the way of the Dodo.  Our very own Stephanie Marvez has decided to move on.  She’s doing a three-month climbing trip and then who knows?  She is definitely welcome and has expressed interest in guest setting here in the future.  Have fun living in La Casita (her trailer) Smarvz!  Also, TJ Sanford has returned to Boulder.  You may see some of his routes popping up here and there in the gym.

We’ve got a great spread of resistance routes up right now, generally more crimpy than slopey.  Fall sending temps are just around the corner, don’t forget to get into the gym and get your training on!

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