CWall Level 1: Week #7


Hey there,

   Two weeks until Test Day! That means we are ramping things up. We’ve dropped from 15 sets per round down to 12 so we have room for a Mystery Event during the 4th quarter.
   There were a high concentration of bodyweight exercises, as well as a 2-1 ratio for the highly metabolic vs. local muscle group exercises. High heart rates all around.

   We did have to have little discussion about starting on time, each and every round. But that is nothing new.

   The Mystery Event was a game of False Summit. Random exercise selection, you don’t know for how long, and just when you think you are at the end, BLAMMO! More work to be done. Today there was a special twist: You weren’t allowed to leave class until you got your heart rate up to 93%!

   See ya next time.

Coach CWall

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