CWall Level 1: Test Day (again) 2/6/12

I love test day! Especially when the technology doesn’t betray us!

This time it worked! I have the data that I so desperately desire! Here it is. Don’t forget to cross reference your HR monitor sign out with your data.
This was a scorcher of a test day. Class was full, so the Margarita Challenge was in effect. Hard to achieve on a test day. And it seems that my tequila supply is still safe.
If I had to give some advice for how to to better on the next test day I would say find the round (1-4) that had the lowest heart rates. Those are your crux exercises, especially the heart rate driving ones. Each round had one of these. Round 1 was kick thrus, Round 2 was mountain climbers, Round 3 was flying chickens, and Round 4 was split jumps. 
Peaks & Valleys is a bear, no matter who you are. But it is the acme of skill to just barely hit your HR peak of 93% and not go over. Some of our athletes can tell you, to the burpee, how many they have to do to hit 93%. This takes a lot of awareness. Overshooting the mark is not the point here. Accuracy and awareness is. And don’t forget, Peaks & Valleys is not a “pace yourself” kind of thing. Hit the ground running. . . charge right out of the gate. Otherwise you’ll have a hard time hitting that first ALL IMPORTANT peak. 
No peak = no rest = THIS SUCKS.
Here is what we are looking for as improvement over time:
1) more time spent in the yellow and red zones
2) more peaks and valleys at the end of class
Pretty simple.


Hey Chris,

At some point it'd be great if you could take a minute to analyze one of the charts with the group or with me after class.

My chart seemed to have a decent array of peaks and valleys throughout class, but I'm not quite sure if that's what you'd like to see.

Thanks for providing this beta for us…now, can you explain why we are drawn to this torture?!


Hey Chris,

This is awesome, but I'm with Sheri. A little more explanation would help in understanding what I'm seeing here. Based on what I saw on the screen at class, I expected to see more red points in my stats. I can see the peaks, but they aren't red. Does that matter? Also, in the recent sessions section, are those my sessions, or are they just whoever happened to have the same heart rate monitor?



Hey there,

The first thing that you should be looking for is not so much the color in the bar graph, but instead at the time spent in the yellow and red zones. The bars don't always correspond to the color of the zone that you achieved at you peak.

Secondly, count the peaks at the end of class. More is better. Even peaks are better. Plateaus show room for improvement.

So those are the two things to look at: time spent in red and yellow, and number of peaks at the end.

Let me know if you need any further clarification.

See ya!
Coach CWall

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