Reservations Required During All Times

For BRC Climbing Procedures during COVID-19, please click here.

Scroll down to see all reservation policies prior to booking.


Need to cancel a reservation? Email with your name, date, and time of reservation.

Reservation Policies

Reservations will be separated by room, which includes:
Main Room: Limit 10 People – This includes the Main Room, Inside/Outside Small Bouldering Cave, Mezzanine, and stationary bike.
Expansion Room: Limit 10 People – This includes the Expansion, Arena bouldering, Moonboard, Campus Board, and elliptical machine. 
Weight Room: Limit 6 People – This includes a variety of weight lifting apparatus, hangboards, exercise bands, and more.
3rd Floor Workout Area: Limit 6 People – This includes a rowing machine, fan bike, free weights, kettlebells, squat rack, foam rollers, and open space for stretching.

Reservations will be 1 hour and 45 minutes long with a 15 minute gap in between reservations.

Reservations can  be made 72 hours in advance.

There is a 30 minute cancellation window. If you do not arrive (or call to let us know) in 30 mins, your reservation will be cancelled.  After 30 mins into a time slot, you may call the Front Desk to see if there is availability. 

You may not book back-to-back climbing reservations in advanced.
However, you MAY book a Weight Room or 3rd Floor Workout Area reservation before or after your climbing session to complete your workout in advanced.

Who Can Climb and When?

In order to prioritize climbing to our members, the following time slots are reserved for MEMBERS ONLY:

Monday -Friday


BRC is still allowing day passes for all other time slots.

BRC is temporarily suspending First Timer Guest Passes.

We will do everything we can to make sure you have a great experience upon your return. Our ventilation system will be pumping in fresh air, we will increase our cleaning, and we will be smiling under our masks. We hope you are too!

See you in the gym, 

BRC Staff