CWall Level 2: Test Day 1/12/12

Hey all,

   Test Day for the CWall Level 2 class went really well. Fundamentally it was the same as the Test Day for Level 1, but with one very important difference. Instead of a 5 minute round of Peaks and Valleys using burpees as our exercise medium, we did 10 minutes of burpees, high knees, split jumps, and kick thrus! Each of these exercises is very different from a biomechanics perspective, and rotating through them provides a greater challenge for the test. Way to go everyone! It was rough.

   Here is the HR Monitor sign out sheet so you can cross reference with your results:

Remember, we will be doing test days on a regular basis. You won’t get fitter if you don’t stay consistent! 
See you next time!
Coach CWall
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CWall Level 2: Test Day Results 1/12/12

Hey all,

   That’s right, tonight was the CWall Level 2 Test Day. For the most part it was the exact same thing as Monday’s Level 1 Test Day. . . with one serious exception. Instead of doing just burpees peaks and valleys, we did a medley of 4 exercises instead: burpees, high knees, split jumps, and kick thrus. Each of these exercises is very different mechanically and have different demands. And instead of 5 minutes, we took it all the way to 10.

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Strength Promotes Confidence: Foundations 1/12/2012

Hey all,

   Today was the first day of our three week Foundations training cycle. As you can see we started out with several of the basics, with a lot of rest in between so everyone could concentrate on their form. 4 sets of each trying to fail between 6-8 reps. These weights got pretty heavy, but everyone did a great job. Next week we’ll add another exercise and make a couple of other changes to spice things up.

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Hey everyone,
  Here were are during the first week of our new training programs and we’ve got some results from the CWall Level 1 Test Day on Monday, 1/9/2012. I have to admit it was a little harder than I let on, but. . . well. . . tough. Everyone did a great job and really pushed themselves, especially during the Peaks and Valleys test. Here were the exercises that we used for the class if you are interested in re-creating this at home:

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First Descents Climb-A-Thon

We would like to thank everyone for making the First Descents Climb-A-Thon a raging success.  Last Tuesday ABC’s Everyday Health show chose First Descents to feature in one of their episodes.  First Descents is a Denver based non-profit that provides adventure therapy to young adults with cancer. Adventures include white water kayaking, rock climbing, and surfing. We hosted a Climb-a-thon for the episode to help them show the world about First Descents. 
                Big props to Team ABC for their participation during the Climb-a-thon.  They raised a lot of money for First Descents as well as provide great footage of little kids crushing it for Everyday Health. 
                To learn more about First Descents and how to participate check out the link http://firstdescents.org/
Chris Wall
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New Coreblaster Schedule

The summer temperatures are high and folks are cooling off at the lake.  How does you core look in your swimsuit?  Tone up with COREBLASTERS with Jess Elliot on Fridays at Noon.  Monday’s Coreblaster Class is currently on hold, but will resume shortly. 

Get your chiseled abs today!
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Boulder Climbing Community Winter Event: Feb 17th

Join us February 17th 7pm at the Boulder Rock Club for the Boulder Climbing Community (BCC) Winter Event. Featured speakers include Jim Erickson, Daniel Woods and Timmy O’Neill.

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Final BCS!

Come one, come all for the final BCS comp this Friday and Saturday January 7th and 8th. Kick off the new year with a fun night at the Boulder Rock Club climbing on some sick climbs created by j-star, ng, pm, tm, sb, and t-nut. We will be featuring some new shapes by teknik, so come get your game face on!

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Holiday Setting

Hey everyone,

Even though the holidays are here, we at the Boulder Rock Club will still be setting quality routes and boulder problems for you three times a week! The week of Christmas we will be turning over all the bouldering in the original as well as the expansion areas. The week of the New Year we will be back at it setting more great routes for ya’ll! Happy Holidays from the BRC setting crew.
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