Holiday Closures

Holiday Closures for 2019

December 14 – Closing at 3pm (Holiday Party)

December 24 – Closing at 3pm

December 25 – CLOSED

December 31 – Closing at 3pm

January 1 – CLOSED

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Youth Sport Climbing Local Comp at Boulder Rock Club

Boulder Rock Club is hosting its annual Youth Sport Climbing Local Competition on Saturday, April 6th, sanctioned by USA Climbing.

BRC will be closed to the public all day, but open regular hours during competition preparation. BRC Members can climb at The Spot for free on the day of the competition. BRC Members’ Competition information available below!

We will be routesetting for this competition over the weeks before.  If you are competing, DO NOT CLIMB ON ANY COMPETITION ROUTES.  They will be clearly marked.

Please send any questions to teambrc@boulderrockclub.com.

Cost: $70

All competitors must have a USA Climbing member number upon registration. This can be either a Competitor or Introductory membership. Visit USAClimbing.org to become a member.

Comp Schedule:
Wave 1 – Youth B, A, and Junior: LEAD CLIMBING ONLY: Athletes must complete a lead climbing test to compete (available at the BRC now and on Saturday from 8am-9:15am)
Register Here: http://apm.activecommunities.com/brc/Activity_Search/1969

8:00am – BRC Opens Doors
8:00am-9:15am – Belay Test Time
8:45am – Check-in Begins
9:15am – Competitors Meeting
9:30am – Climbing Begins

12:30pm – Climbing Ends

Wave 2 – Youth C and D, and Adaptive Youth*
Register Here for C/D:  http://apm.activecommunities.com/brc/Activity_Search/1970
Register Here for Adaptive: http://apm.activecommunities.com/brc/Activity_Search/1971 

11:30am-12:45pm – Belay Test Time
12:15pm – Check-In Begins
12:45pm – Competitors Meeting
1:00pm – Climbing Begins
4:00pm – Climbing Ends

This is a Redpoint Classic event. Your final score is the sum of your top 3 climbs.

Youth Category Breakdown

Youth D 2008 or later
Youth C 2006 or 2007
Youth B 2004 or 2005
Youth A 2002 or 2003
Junior 2000 or 2001

*Adaptive Youth are open to those with disabilities age 8 to 19.


BRC Members Competition!

Grab a scorecard from the Front Desk and compete as many climbs as you can. Turn in completed score card back to the front desk.

Highest score wins! Prizes award for Male, Female, and Adaptive Categories.

Member comp ends April 13th at 8pm.

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Summer Camp 2019 Registration is Open!

Start planning your child’s summer and don’t wait!  These spots will fill up fast!  Here’s what we’ve got to offer:

To register, visit: https://boulderrockclub.com/programs/youth/summer-camps/

Indoor/Outdoor Camps

For an ideal camp experience campers climb indoors at The Boulder Rock Club on Monday and Tuesday, where they learn essential safety skills. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday they head to Boulder Canyon to one of the more popular climbing crags.  Campers gain confidence, trust, and learn teamwork through climbing. Campers spend time as a group and at times, are grouped by age and experience. More experienced climbers will take on leadership roles and experience more challenging climbs.

Get the most out of your camp experience with a full 5 days of climbing.  Two days of indoor climbing (Monday and Tuesday) and three days of outdoor climbing (Wednesday to Friday).  Or choose your own adventure with one or the other.



Girls Indoor/Outdoor Adventure Camp

A full week of indoor and outdoor climbing adventure for her! Two days of indoor climbing (Monday and Tuesday) practicing skills and climbing technique and three days of outdoor climbing (Wednesday to Friday) bringing their indoor skills to the

outdoor rock! Led by our passionate women Instructors who are eager to inspire each girl to experience a fun and exciting climbing adventure! Girls learn and practice Leave No Trace Principles and have opportunities to work as a team and develop leadership skills.




Rock Climbing and Slackline Camps

Join us for a fun indoor rock climbing and slack-line experience.  Our instructors teach climbing skills and basic slack-lining technique in a fun,  motivating and supportive atmosphere.  Climbers gain confidence, trust, and learn team work! In partnership with East Boulder Recreation Center, Camp takes place on Monday and Tuesday at the East Boulder Recreation Center where they are introduced to climbing and slack-lining. Wednesday through Friday campers are at The Boulder Rock Club continuing to develop climbing and bouldering skills.





Single Day Indoor Camps

Flexible for your schedule, perfect for your kids!  A fun day of indoor climbing, learning skills, playing games and challenging climbs. Enroll for as many as you’d like!


To register, see all dates and times, visit:  https://boulderrockclub.com/programs/youth/summer-camps/

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Two New TruBlues!

Last week, we installed two new TruBlue Autobelays in the Expansion Room of the BRC!

This opens up at least 6 new routes for your solo gym adventures!  Bare with us as we test the new positioning as they might move slightly to give you the best experience!


Thanks to HeadRush Technologies for such a great product!

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Ages 5 & Under – Free Rentals and Stickers!

Parents!  Do you have little ones scrambling all over your walls?  Or maybe you’re a member already at Boulder Rock Club but you don’t always bring your kids crushers?  Well, we are hoping to make climbing more exciting for your kids.

Boulder Rock Club is offering Free Rental Equipment and a brand new and exclusive BRC Sticker to all kids ages 5 and under with their Day Pass, Punch Pass, or Membership.  Even more exciting, new stickers will be available throughout the year so you can collect them all!


Rock climbing for young kids helps build coordination, confidence, and strength all while having fun.  Our mezzanine area is route set to be accessible for all ages and sizes.  If you are ready to try a class, check out our Tiny Tots programming!  New sessions begin at the start of every month!


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Day Off School Camp – October 12


Join us for a fun indoor rock climbing experience.  Our expert instructors will teach basic safety skills, play rock climbing games, and more!

Ages: 6-14, Kids will be grouped by age and experience.



To Register, Click Here!

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Climbing Club Starts Next Week!

The school year is here again.  That means so is our fall season of Climbing Club!  Keep the summertime fun going and keep your child active and learning with rock climbing!

Climbing Club is separated into three age groups: 6 to 8, 9 to 11, and 12+ with techniques advancing with each age group.  All gear is provided.


To see all dates and to register online, visit:

BRC Climbing Club

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MAS Chicas – Women Motivated to Achieve Success

MAS Chicas – Women Motivated to Achieve Success

At the Boulder Rock Club, our goal is to not only provide you with a great climbing experience with new routes and great community, but we also want to make you a better climber.  We offer several different instructional programs to get you started, but one of the number one questions that we get is, “well, I’m climbing 5.?.  How do I get better?”

One of your options?  Adult Climbing Teams and Training Programs.

For the ladies, Joslynn Corredor, one of our personal trainers, has designed her team, MAS Chicas, or Women Motivated to Achieve Success.  This 6 week training program is specifically built by women for women.  We sat down with Joslynn to break down her course a little bit more for your information!

1.  Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am originally from Southern California.  I grew up close to the ocean, where I fell in love with surfing and running. I found climbing after my collegiate running career, and was attracted to self-motivation aspect and the great community, similar to both surfing and running. After college I moved to Boulder, Colorado where I fell in love with climbing. My favorite place to climb is Rocky Mountain National Park. I am a strength and conditioning coach and have been training for about 5 years. I have my bachelor’s in exercise science,  CSCS, USA weightlifting level 1, and  Functional Movement Screening certifications.

2.  Why should I do a training program like PMA/MAS Chicas?  What are the benefits?

I would highly recommendMAS for ladies who are wanting to push their grades, get general fitness help, lifting technique, climbing workouts, and get pushed with motivated women that climb a similar grade. There is nothing better than receiving beta from other women! 

3.  What is involved?  How much climbing?  How much lifting?  etc.

Climbing is 75% of the class, the other 25% being warm-up and conditioning. We have a warm up routine at the beginning of every class, before starting to climb. Climbing workouts include: hangboarding, technique refinement, mental training, and Campus Boarding for MAS +.  We then do conditioning involving: lifting technique, core, and antagonist training for injury prevention. The class is two hours long so bring a snack/water because we will be moving most of the time.

4.  What are the minimum requirements?  How strong should I be climbing before I join?

Minimum requirements:

Leading 5.9 TR 5.10- for MAS Chicas course

Leading 5.11- for MAS Chicas+ course

Here’s what others are saying about MAS Chicas:

“I have done 3 sessions of MAS Chicas. Each time I end of the class stronger, more confident, and more prepared to tackle a variety of routes.  I’ve learned many useful conditioning exercises to keep my body healthy and important skills to keep my confidence up when pushing my limits. Joslynn inspires a “try hard” attitude all while providing a safe and fun environment; you can tell she is passionate about what she does. Taking a climbing class with other strong, motivated women is not only inspiring but FUN!! You feel confident to try a move or route even if you think you’ll fail because you know everyone in the class is doing the same thing. We all cheer each other on (maybe too much!) and create new partnerships for climbing and in life. I can’t wait for the next session!” – Audrey Tobin

“I really enjoyed the class, and even did a session of each (MAS and MAS+).  It taught me how to warm up properly before climbing, focus on specific skills, taught me how to project a route, push my limit, and also gave me tools off the wall to increase strength and movements specific to climbing.  Joslynn is a great coach and really wants to see each person succeed.  She meets you where you are at, listens to what you hope to get out of the class, what you want to work on, and helps you achieve any goals you might have.  The classes are in a small group setting which is really nice, allowing you to get one on one coaching and making it a better environment to connect with the other people in the class which has lead to more climbing partners and friends, Yay!” – Courtney Brendel








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Climbing Club and Tiny Tots Registration are Open!

Climbing Club and Tiny Tots Registration are Open!

The school year is only weeks away which means that enrollment for Climbing Club  and Tiny Tots classes is open!

These spots fill up quickly and those who enroll in Quarter 1 will have priority enrollment for the following quarters so don’t miss your chance for your children to be taught by some of the finest instructors in Colorado.

All Climbing Club classes have a 4 to 1 ratio of students to instructors and Tiny Tots classes have a 3 to 1 ratio; this means that your child will get tons of personal attention to learn the skills they need to become skilled and safe climbers.

To register online, visit here to see all Climbing Club dates, and here to see all Tiny Tots dates.

For any additional questions, feel free to call the Front Desk at 303-447-2804.

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A Whole New Rock Club – Remodels and Closures

Hello Friends,

We’re dedicated to keeping the BRC in top form, and are preparing some facility projects later this month. We think you’ll love the upgrades:

  • Men’s bathroom: adding a shower stall and 2 urinals, new counters
  • Women’s bathroom: shower overhaul, new counters
  • Lighting: new brighter energy-efficient LEDs

NOTE: We will be CLOSED Monday through Friday, July 24-28 to make these projects happen. Fortunately a few neighbors will let BRC members climb for free during this time (thanks!):

We deeply appreciate your understanding. Members will not pay for the downtime – we will add days or prorate your monthly payment.

Questions? Please reply or ask at the front desk.

Thanks for being part of our community!

– BRC Staff


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Summer Membership Special – 2017


We know how nice it is outside right now, but sometimes, you’ve just got to escape the sun and get some laps in indoors!

BRC is offering 3 Months of Membership for only $175.  This offer expires July 1st so hurry before it’s gone!

Your membership will start the day you sign up.  No freezes, cancellations, or refunds.

Any questions?  Call us at 303-447-2804 or email us at frontdesk@boulderrockclub.com.

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TJ Sanford goes to the Setter Showdown!


On Saturday May 30th, The first Setter Showdown setting competition in Colorado took place.  On Sunday, they held a 4 hour judging session between all the setters and climbers.  Our very own TJ Sanford, representing the BRC routesetters, took third place!  He won the function category and took overall 3rd out of 24 setters from around the country.  Each setter was tasked to set three problems, one in the v1-v3 range, one in the v4-v6 range and the last in the v7-v9 range.  Some problems had added challenges, such as setting around a pre-existing hold or partnering up with another setter on one of your problems.  The holds were all provided by Kingdom Climbing, Kilter and Element – most setters were given holds from one company set per problem.

Sean Drolet, Aubrey Wingo and I ventured down to Golden to support TJ and check out all the problems the competition had to offer.  There were a plethora of dynamic and comp style themed problems – a lot of them set to have the more modern eye candy gymnastics to draw attention to the climb.  The drawback to a lot of those problems was the reach factor.  Some required toehooks or big deadpoints, but the majority of it favored the taller climber.  As the goal of these problems was to create great commercial problems, appropriate reach and flow should be paramount in the judging process.  Most of the boulders i got on were in the average to great realm, there were very few duds.  I only saw one climb that i would have outright taken down and fired the setter(would they have worked for me) and only a few climbs that had no consistency.

There were a number of larger King, Queen, and Emperor sized holds in use by all three companies.  Many were used well, but a few of them were put on and only ever used as a single hand hold.  I’m always disappointed if i get to play on big holds that could just be taken off and replaced with a single small handhold with no difference to the route.  I at least want to match hands on the volume sized hold, or toss a heel on it, or (even better) bicycle toe hook it and bump a hand up it 3-5 times, etcetera.  To use a big hold well, it demands being used multiple times in the same problem.

There were two problems that stood out to me.  One was a blue crimp problem with a single Kilter teagan volume on it heading up a steep arete.  It was just pure flow up a sea of blue crimps with consistent core tension and no trickery – just real rock climbing.  It made me happy and reminded me of rope climbing.  It also reminded me that for great commercial routesetting, i always love having 50% of my routes and problems as great flow routes that are reminiscent of outside climbing and also useful as good trainer routes.  They are the ones you want to get on over and over after you’ve done it the first time.

I later learned that this particular problem was set by our very own, Jay Samuelson, who also sets for Thrillseekers climbing gym in Denver(and whom he was also representing at the showdown).  He mentioned that all the trick/comp and theme styled boulder problems were an eye opening experience for him, being schooled in the way of the old school routesetters.

The second problem was a purple sloper problem up a blunt and nearly vertical arete made with Kingdom Climbing’s new Contour sloper set of holds.  I ended up using every hold (at first i thought too many) and again i felt like i was climbing a bit more like a techy outdoor climb.  For a red grade route (the v7-v9 range) it was very accessible as well, which i thought was an excellent strategy.  Allow your problem to be on the easier end of the spectrum and a lot more climbers and judges will get on it.  More will also finish it, and people love problems even more when they can actually do them.  I might end up ordering this set of holds from Kingdom now that i’ve climbed on them… i was skeptical of these shapes at first!

A couple months ago we held our own little BRC setting competition to see who would earn the right to represent the BRC at the Setter Showdown.  We’re psyched that we got to send TJ and even more psyched that he took third.  Congratulations TJ!


You can check out more information about the Setter Showdown HERE!


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Mini-Cave Setter Competition Results!

The rules of the mini comp were simple – Set an advanced route and a mix of team BRC kids, members and staff will grade them from 1-10.  If you miss the adv. grade you are penalized 1 point per grade away from mid advanced.  We left the problems up for 3 days over the weekend and below are the results.

1st Place  –  NG        7.46/10       Grade: Adv.     Problem: #4

2nd Place – ALW     7.03/10       Grade: Adv.     Problem: #6

3rd Place –  Jay S.    6.84/10      Grade: Adv.     Problem: #2

4th Place – Smarvz  6.81/10       Grade: Adv.     Problem: #3

5th Place – TJ           6.05/10       Grade: Adv.-    Problem: #1

6th Place – SD          5.50/10       Grade: Adv.+   Problem: #5

A few notes –

TJ and SD were both adjusted down 1 point due to missing the grade, so TJ just missed 2nd place.

This was a setting comp, but these were not “competition” routes.  Comp routes are set very differently to boggle the minds of the youth and elite climbers.  Members tend to find them less appealing.

Sean (SD) wins the most loved and most hated, receiving by far the most 10’s and 1’s.  If you like problems demanding flexibility, then you probably loved his.

Jay just barely squeaked by with an advanced instead of advanced -.

The grading was all across the board, which just goes to show people like all kinds of different problems.  And these six all felt very different from each other, style-wise.

And lastly, the results are indicative of nothing!  This was just for fun!

The real question is, did you manage to guess who set what?



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Setter Competition Showdown at the BRC

On monday (3/31) we had a mini setting competition at the BRC.  Three of our routesetters were competing for the right to represent the BRC at the Setter Showdown at Earth Treks, Golden on May 30th, 2015.

Special thanks for those who donated their time and efforts to help judge, including the Team BRC kids.

1st place – TJ Sanford (problem #3)

2nd place – Aubrey Wingo (problem #1)

3rd place – Sean Drolet (problem #2)

All of the problems turned out great, and the competition was close.  The target grade for each one was mid advanced.  Unfortunately, none of them quite hit that mark, but they were close enough to judge.

We’ll be allowing the setters to tweak their problems to perfection this week.  The stress of a timed setting competition can sometimes cause difficulties to miss the mark and reaches to be mis-judged.

We had so much fun during this that we’re going to do another with a full setting crew in the little cave this thursday.  The grading will be a lot easier this time, and the prize a lot smaller.  The winner gets a bhakti chai and each judge only grades the problem from 1-10.

The thursday problems are up, so come out and grade ’em!

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Newly Refurbished Campus Board!

Our aging campus board has been refurbished!  I put a new oak board on, sanded and added some new rungs, put a new kickboard on and changed the spacing to the standard ben moon 22cm.  So, if your 1-5-9 feels like it got a smidge harder… it definitely did.  You’re not going crazy.  Also, we’ll be getting a bigger pad for it soon too!


Chris Wall also installed a new training contraption.  It has a pull-up station and a couple hangboards on it.  This whole area is now a great pre or post-climbing sesh training space.  We’ll be putting a few more kickboards around the pull-up cage in the next week too.

Here are a few more pics:



Let us know how you like it!


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Onsight Vs. Redpoint Setting

It’s been a while since i’ve blogged.  In the interim, Sean Drolet has been setting less and Steph Marvez has stepped up to the plate and has been setting full time.  We’re sad to have less SD routes, but psyched on all the new Smarvz routes in the gym.  These two are both brilliant setters and they’ve both grown up climbing in gyms and competing in youth climbing comps.  Sometimes i think that the youth climbing comp experience might be the secret ingredient to creating great setters.

As far as hold orders go, our last big order was a slew of Enix Cobbles and Pinches that you may have found on many of our boulder problems and 5.12- and up climbs.  They certainly proved to be more difficult holds than they looked.  The pinches are hard to get your hands around, but simply awesome to climb on.

Our next order coming in is from Kingdom Climbing and will be arriving sometime in the next month.  We’ll have a slew of large, extra large, prince, king, elephant, giga-normous, emperor and death star sized holds from them, which is clearly their specialty.  With such large holds, we get less for the money spent, which is generally a bad thing in my eyes, but it does provide a mixture of eye candy and “buzz” that makes the gym and routes seem fresh, exciting and appealing.  So, every once in a while, splurging $300 on a single hold can be worth it.

Lastly, our newest setter, Jay Samuelson coined a new term that i wanted to share.  He sets at the BRC about twice a month now and is the regular setter down at Thrillseekers in Denver(one of the oldest gyms around).  He is used to spending a lot of time on one route, tweaking it over and over, teching it out and treating it like a sculpture – working it down until it’s perfect.  When he came to start setting at the BRC, he was a bit surprised at the speed we set, and how we generally aim to have no tweaks necessary on our routes.  He referred to this, respectively, as redpoint setting and onsight setting.  If you are unfamiliar with those climbing terms, to redpoint means to work a climb repeatedly until you can send it free, and to onsight means to send it on your first go.

We are most definitely an onsight setting gym.  We still do tweaks when we have to, but our most experienced setters tend to nail it first go, even when setting 2 routes in 3 hours.  I usually think of redpoint setting as something reserved for competitions or climbing gyms owned by Bill Gates.

Both types of setting have their pros and cons, but, to me, the beauty of onsight setting is the idea of “first thought” setting.  You already have tons of techniques and sequences banked away if you’re experienced.  So, rather than spending time thinking, rethinking and trying every subtle body position, you instead follow your first thought.  It’s almost like not thinking while you’re setting.  And the great thing is the routes always tend to have that mystical “flow”.  Maybe it’s born out of turning our brains off and setting by intuition.  Or, maybe it’s really the “force” that Ben Kenobi taught all of us so many years ago.  Afterall, didn’t he state that one had to empty their mind of all thoughts to be one with the force?

Anyway, May the flow be with you.




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The BRC Scooter Gang

A lot of us here at the BRC have recently acquired Scooters this summer.  It’s kinda the new hot thing to do in our tiny microcosm of the climbing universe.  A few of us setters, myself included, are also part of the scooter gang.  But, unfortunately, not all the setters own a scooter.

I felt sympathetic for my less fortunate brethren and started a ride share program to spread the joy of scooting.  The ride share program primarily involved driving the few hundred feet to Whole Foods and back for lunch, while carrying 470 lbs of merry setters.  The following is a ‘before’ picture.  We have no ‘after’ pictures because i lost both of these setters on the way there.

IMG_1415 IMG_1418

If anyone does find either of the two setters sitting behind me, please contact the BRC immediately so that we can come collect them.  On a scooter, of course.  They are probably still wandering aimlessly around the backside of Whole Foods.

All that remains to be done, is to find a suitably appropriate name for our scooter gang.  I’d like to dream up something really cool, like the Vesperado’s or Naughty boyz Scooty Club, but i’ll probably just end up calling it something dumb like the Donkey Patrol.  Once we get the name down, we’ll definitely be almost as cool as these cats below.


I’m headed off for a few weeks to visit my wife’s family in the Czech Republic, and to check out Venice, Italy, before it’s swallowed by the sea.  Enjoy the routes at the BRC while i’m away!


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