BRC Training Videos

We are compiling some videos to help you with your training program at the BRC. Check this page frequently for the latest videos!

TrueBlue Reach Your Peak: This was a climbing training program that head coach Chris Wall created for the Eldorado Walls/TrueBlue auto belay staff. If you don’t always have time to find a partner and need to train on your own, or if you just like to use the auto belays, check out this video series. This program has something for climbers just starting out as well as advanced climbers trying to tap into 5.12-12+!

Cry in the Dojo Warmup: This is the basic warmup for most of our group conditioning programs. It is a great general warmup for most athletic endeavors, whether they be climbing, weightlifting, or anything else that requires a thorough full body warmup.

BodyWeight Exercises: Pushup Series 1: Check out the Bodyweight Exercises videos for some ideas about cross training without additional exercises equipment. Bodyweight exercises are great for cross training at the gym, home, or on the road.

Bodyweight Exercises: Situp Series 1: Here are a few sit-up options that you should consider adding to your core strengthening program.

CMS Guide Prehab: Here is something that we put together for our Colorado Mountain School guides to help them stay injury free during the alpine guiding season. If you are logging long days outside this 30 minute program will help keep you in the game this season!