The BRC Scooter Gang

A lot of us here at the BRC have recently acquired Scooters this summer.  It’s kinda the new hot thing to do in our tiny microcosm of the climbing universe.  A few of us setters, myself included, are also part of the scooter gang.  But, unfortunately, not all the setters own a scooter.

I felt sympathetic for my less fortunate brethren and started a ride share program to spread the joy of scooting.  The ride share program primarily involved driving the few hundred feet to Whole Foods and back for lunch, while carrying 470 lbs of merry setters.  The following is a ‘before’ picture.  We have no ‘after’ pictures because i lost both of these setters on the way there.

IMG_1415 IMG_1418

If anyone does find either of the two setters sitting behind me, please contact the BRC immediately so that we can come collect them.  On a scooter, of course.  They are probably still wandering aimlessly around the backside of Whole Foods.

All that remains to be done, is to find a suitably appropriate name for our scooter gang.  I’d like to dream up something really cool, like the Vesperado’s or Naughty boyz Scooty Club, but i’ll probably just end up calling it something dumb like the Donkey Patrol.  Once we get the name down, we’ll definitely be almost as cool as these cats below.


I’m headed off for a few weeks to visit my wife’s family in the Czech Republic, and to check out Venice, Italy, before it’s swallowed by the sea.  Enjoy the routes at the BRC while i’m away!


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