BRC Community Updates – COVID-19 – BRC CLOSED

Hello BRC Members and Customers,

This page will be used to keep you up to date on any cancellations or closures due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). 


As you know, we decided to close on Sunday, March 15th for the health of our employees, members, and the community as a whole. On Monday, March 16th the Governor ordered all gyms to close starting Tuesday, March 17th for at least 30 days. We will comply with that order by remaining closed until we are allowed to re-open AND we feel it is responsible for our members, employees and guests.

The BRC is spending this closure time planning for the re-opening and making sure we can continue to pay our employees that rely on us for financial stability. Many of us will fall on hard times and we feel it is our responsibility to ensure our employee’s economic health and well-being.

Be safe everyone, stay healthy, stay fit.

MEMBERSHIP INFO: About your Automatic Monthly Membership

We billed everyone on March 1st. We voluntarily closed on March 15th and initially told all members we would apply the prorated credit (17 days’ worth) on the April 1st billing. We will now, automatically, do that on our re-open date. Very detailed info about this at the bottom of the email. You will not be billed until we have an official re-open date.

We are now asking any member that has the financial means to ‘Donate your Credit’ to our employee financial fund. Your donation will go a very long way in making sure we can continue to support our employees. Many of our members have reached out to us proactively and have already donated! Thank you. Know that we have reached out to our vendors, landlord, managers, and owners to all pitch in. Many of our own employees have volunteered to forgo pay so that we can contribute to those that need it. This shows what an amazing group of people and community we have at the BRC.

If you can click this link to send an email to  ‘Donate your CreditIf you Donate, then we will simply charge your normal rates when we re-open.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and your 17 days’ worth of membership means everything to you right now, please reply to me directly(Kevin Bains). No one should go hungry or lose their shelter during this pandemic.

For everyone else, we will credit your account the 17 days when we re-open automatically. Nothing else to do.

BRC Billing Policies:
*We bill all members on the 1st of the month.
*Any member joining or renewing mid-month pays for the remaining days in the month (pro rate)
*If anyone joins on the 20th of the month or later, we collect the remainder of that month (pro rate) AND the next month.

Possible Billing Scenarios based on re-opening date:
-If we re-open with more than 17 days left in the month: we will apply your 17 day credit and bill you for the remaining days left in the month.
-If we re-open with less than 17 days left in the month: we will apply the 17 day credit, and then apply any remaining credit to the next billing date (next 1st of the month).
-If we re-open on the 20th or later(which is less than 17 days), will apply the 17 day credit to the remaining days left in the month (pro rate) and the 1st of the month billing

Paid in Full Memberships:
Your paid in full membership’s expiration date will automatically be adjusted to compensate for the full length of the closure. You will not lose any membership time. No need to do anything, we will adjust this automatically based on the re-open date.

We have a wonderful climbing community and hope we can welcome you all back soon. Stay safe, stay healthy, keep fit.

Kevin Bains

BRC UPDATE 3/14/2020 9:00pm

While we have communicated that we would stay open until it no longer seemed like the responsible thing to do or we were no longer allowed, the staff and managers have agreed: we feel it is no longer responsible to remain open. As difficult as this is for us, we must all do our part to stop the spread of the virus.

The Boulder Rock Club will be closed starting Sunday, March 15th through the remainder of March. This situation is fluid, and we will be ready to change those dates if the situation requires.


-Monthly members will receive pro-rated credit for the remainder of March applied to the April 1st billing. We will send detailed information before that billing cycle so everyone knows what to expect. No need to do anything, we got it.

-Paid in full members will have their memberships extended for the full duration of the closure. We will make this change automatically.

-We know there will be many special membership cases and we will deal with those on an individual basis to ensure we are taking care of our members.

-No need to contact us if you are a Monthly Auto or Paid in full. We will take care of your membership automatically.

-If you have special circumstances surrounding your membership, please go HERE and fill out our form. This is the best way for us to handle your membership. We will then contact you individually.

Thank you for being a wonderful climbing community. Stay strong, stay healthy, find ways to stay fit and let us know how it’s going for you. Know that we will be working hard during this closure. We will do an extensive cleaning and disinfecting of the facility so that we are ready to re-open when the time comes.

We will be available by email; please do not hesitate to contact us

Thanks for climbing with us. We look forward to tying in with you soon.

Kevin Bains

General Manager

BRC Update: 3/13/2020, 4:00pm

We are planning on staying open as long as it is allowed and the responsible thing to do. If we are required to close, or no longer feel it is responsible being open, we will close.

Notices will be on the alert banner on our home page, this page, Facebook and a member-wide email if we close. Decisions will be made based on current information and that information is changing minute by minute, hour by hour.

BRC Update: 3/13/2020, 11:00am

All Youth Programming, Adult Programming, Fitness Classes and Yoga are suspended until March 30th (end of Spring Break).  This includes:

-Team BRC, Climbing Club, Tiny Tots, Spring Break Camp, Teen Introduction to Climbing, and private lessons

-Intro to Climbing, Women’s Intro to Climbing, Belay Basics, Climbing Technique, Learn to Lead, Women’s and Spanish Speaking Climbing Night, Climb Like a Girl, Train Smart/Climb Harder, The Skillful Leader

-All Free Fitness classes and Yoga Classes.

BRC’s Local Sport Climbing competition is cancelled.

The BRC is still open, and we are monitoring local, state, and federal public health agencies to determine our course of action for the near future.  Please take all necessary precautions to keep yourselves and those around you safe.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at