Events and Meetups

Looking for new ways to experience climbing?  Maybe looking to meet new friends and climbing partners?  Here is our Events calendar to see different upcoming activities and meetups hosted by Boulder Rock Club.  If you are looking for our full gym schedule, including classes and youth programming, please click here.

Upcoming Events


Oct 4 – Lifting Workshop with Dr. Ellen and The Chiro Lab

Oct 15 – After Hours Pride Climb Night


Nov 1 – Peter Beal Hangboard Clinic

Nov 1 – Lifting Workshop with Dr. Ellen and The Chiro Lab

Nov 12 – After Hours Pride Night

Nov 30 – Ladies Climbing Coalition Meet-up


Dec 6 – Lifting Workshop with Dr. Ellen and The Chiro Lab

Dec 28 – Ladies Climbing Coalition Meet-up


Jan 3 – Lifting Workshop with Dr. Ellen and The Chiro Lab

Reoccurring Events

Ladies Climbing Coalition Meet-up

Last Wednesday of Every Month

Ladies Climbing Coalition ambassador, Roz, host ladies meet-ups at the Boulder Rock Club for all women and non-binary folx who are comfortable in spaces that center the experiences of women. Book a spot in our next meet-up!

Rock climbing is a passion. It’s a sport that can provide incredible physical and mental challenge. It forces you to solve problems, push yourself physically, and overcome mental hurdles. It can also provide entryway to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and into a community filled with intelligent, caring, and supportive individuals

Breaking into climbing can sometimes be intimidating, and so climbing with other women can help alleviate some of the intimidation. It also just changes the experience of climbing. Hanging out, especially in nature, with a group of women is powerful, and we strive to show all women their own power.

After Hours Pride Climb Nights

Climb and build community with LGBTQ+ climbers and allies!  All skills levels welcome, including first-time climbers.  Door prizes for first time attendees!

Free for members, $10 for non members, rental equipment included.  No preregistration required.

Lifting Clinics with Dr. Ellen Kindelsperger DC

Come join Dr. Ellen of The Chiro Lab to learn proper lifting form for common lifts!

Oct 4 – Hinge Movements

Nov 1 – Squat Movements

Dec 6 – Overhead Movements

Jan 3 – Scapular Activation