Sport and Speed Local – Day Member Pass with USA Climbing

The Boulder Rock Club typically hosts one Sport and Speed Local Competition in the Spring sanctioned by USA Climbing.  Competitors are required to have a membership from USA Climbing in order to compete.

Most competitors will have their own Competitor Membership, but if you are new to competition climbing, you can start with a Day Member Pass.

A Day Member Pass allows you to compete at a USAC sanctioned event and be scored along with their fellow competitors without committing to the full membership.

Day Member Passes are $10.00 and must be purchased 24 hours before the competition.  To purchase a Day Member Pass, visit the link below: and click “Join Now.”  This will allow you create an account and you will receive a USAC number that you will need at Check-in.

Please note that if your child is planning on competing at the Regional Championship, they will need to have a Competitor Membership before registration closes and they will have needed to compete at two Local events with a Day Member Pass or Competitor Membership.  If they do not want to compete at Regionals, Day Member Passes for any local competition are okay!

If you have any questions about USA Climbing or competition climbing, here are some other great resources or feel free to contact our coaching staff who can help you through the process:

Parent Handbook:

USAC Membership FAQ:

USAC Rulebook:



About The Author

Aubrey Wingo
Aubrey Wingo
Level 3 Certified USAC Routesetter and Coach at the Boulder Rock Club.