Some moderate affection

I’ve had some requests from some climbers to watch the bouldery nature of our more moderate 5.9’s and 5.10’s.  Fret not!  You have been heard!  I’m double and triple checking that there are enough footholds on our moderate routes to reduce the pulls and increase the technical aspect of those climbs.  This has been stressed to our setters as well.  Hopefully this will increase the flow and decrease the frustration that may or may not have occurred.

In other exciting news… a new set of mini-cave bouldering has been stitched up.  There’s also a new open foot traverse circumnavigating the entire inside of the small bouldering cave – big holds, big fun!

I’m out early today… gotta prep some music for a wedding this weekend.  Climb hard this weekend!


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Brent NG
Brent NG
34 years old, born in Baltimore, lover of everything Czech, occasional runner, sometimes climber, sub-par writer, hackneyed musician, wannabe dancer, curious amalgamation of two disparate races