Monthly Archives: March 2012

Coach CWall Episode 2: Shortcuts to Thinking

3/28/12 This has been a great week for training at the BRC, even though Spring Break is in session. Sean, our trusty coaching and training intern has been hard at work coming up with class designs and teaching all of … Continue reading

X-Cardio for the Mountains: Week 8

3/21/12 Hey there,    One week until test week, and I wanted to make sure that everyone was going to be ready with a class that would be harder than test day. We’ve started introducing deadlifts and assisted pull-ups to … Continue reading

Max Heart Rate Test: Not for the Faint of Heart!

Hey there,   I would like to start off by stating something: —-WARNING!—-ATTENTION!—-HEADS UP!!!!!—- This is exercise. Exercise, much like leaving your bed in the morning is NOT SAFE! Please take responsibility for your well being and think before you act. … Continue reading

Enter the Vlog!

3/8/12 It’s done! Episode 1 of Coach CWall’s weekly video blog (vlog). This episode is more of an introduction to what the general plan is for the future.  Please subscribe to my channel on YouTube (coachcwall) and follow me on … Continue reading

CWall: SPC – Coordinated Climbing Strength

3/6/12 Hey all,    After 4 weeks of prep work with our SPC: Finger & Upper Body Power, we have kicked off week #1 of Coordinated Climbing Strength! Archer Rows, Turkish Situps, Overhead Squats, Assisted One Arms on a 1cm … Continue reading

Level 1: Test Day!

3/5/12 Oh my god. Another test day. But I am happy to say that everyone killed it today! Devna was a champion after her 10 day vacation, and Chris V. got to sport his new found (and much more accurate) … Continue reading

X-Cardio for the Mountains: Test Day

Hey there,    Today’s blog is all about results from Test Day for X-Cardio for the Mountains. We are comparing the results from the Tuesday and Wednesday classes (Feb. 7th , 28th, and 29th). Don’t forget to look at the … Continue reading