Monthly Archives: February 2012

Weekly Monday Gear Review: Revo Guide Sunglasses

One thing a Mountain Guide must have is a good pair of sunglasses. With the amount of time outdoor professionals spend in the sun, UV protection is paramount. I recently acquired a pair of the “Guide” sunglasses from Revo and … Continue reading

X-Cardio for the Mountains: Week #4

2/21/12 Test Day is next week! Be prepared! Hydrate! Don’t hit the burrito bar 20 minutes before class! Big change today. The jumprope row didn’t get any breaks. They had to switch between speed rope, lateral hops, and high knees … Continue reading

CWall Level 1: Week #7

2/20/12 Hey there,    Two weeks until Test Day! That means we are ramping things up. We’ve dropped from 15 sets per round down to 12 so we have room for a Mystery Event during the 4th quarter.    There were … Continue reading

CWall Level 2: Week #6

2/17/12 Hey there,    Level 2. More like Level 3. Ruthless. We brought back some classics as well as introduced what will hopefully become one. The alternating kettlebell clean is harder than it looks and takes a lot of timing … Continue reading

X-Cardio for the Mountains: Week #3 & 4

2/14 and 2/15, 2012 Hey there,    Rough. Both classes. Rough. Especially today’s noon class. Damn. 12 people. All motivated by a single goal. . .               12 x 93% = Margarita The two … Continue reading

Weekly Monday Gear Review: Black Diamond Stinger

The Black Diamond Stinger crampon is the latest entry to the lightweight, steep ice and mixed category from our friends at BD. This crampon is designed for anything and everything from steep waterfalls to mixed, roadside or alpine. Stainless steel … Continue reading

CWall Level 2 Test Day #2: 2/9/12

Hey there,    Here we have our first comparative Test Days! The only thing that we will be comparing for these two is the very end of class: Peaks and Valleys. Hopefully everyone has more even and frequent peaks!Check it … Continue reading

CWall X-Cardio for the Mountains: Week #2

Hey there,    Here we are already on week #2. Our first workout post Test Day was a very high volume skill building day. We’ve started to incorporate more upper body strength work for the rock and ice climbers, as … Continue reading

X-Cardio for the Mountains: Test Day 2/7/12

Hey there,    Test day for the evening class. Sweet, and a little sour. Remember to cross reference your HR monitor sign out sheet with the results. What we are looking for here is: a) total time spent in the … Continue reading

CWall Level 1: Test Day (again) 2/6/12

I love test day! Especially when the technology doesn’t betray us! This time it worked! I have the data that I so desperately desire! Here it is. Don’t forget to cross reference your HR monitor sign out with your data. … Continue reading

CWall Level 2: Week #4 2/2/12

Hey all,    A scorcher. It’s the week before test week, and I wanted to set you up for success. Not a gimme in the bunch. No chance to get it back. Hopefully the hardest thing that everyone had to … Continue reading